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About the Librarians' Assembly

The Harvard University Librarians Assembly brings together all library personnel who are Officers of the University into a single deliberative body. It fosters participation in the mission of the University Library, facilitates communication among librarians and with appropriate University entities, and promotes an environment of professionalism and collegiality. Formed in 1973, the Assembly meets once or twice a year. The president of the University is the ex officio presiding officer, with the Provost or the Director of the University Library presiding in the President's absence. The Assembly is directed by an executive committee and governed by its own bylaws. The Assembly receives reports from the Director, its standing committees, members of the Library staff, and its Executive Committee, which sets the agendas for its meetings.

The Executive Committee consists of the chairs of the Assembly's four standing committees and six elected members-at-large. They select their chair from among their number. The standing committees -- Benefits, Communications and Orientation, Professional Development, and Rights and Responsibilities-- report to the Director through the Executive Committee. Members are appointed for three-year terms. Membership comes from all levels of the Library professional and administrative staff and attempts to be geographically representative of the University Library. Throughout the year, the Executive Committee sends out requests for volunteers to fill vacancies on the committees.