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Librarians' Assembly

General Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Note: the summary minutes of this meeting will be posted by 30 June 1998.

11 May 1998
4:00 to 5:30 pm.
Longfellow Hall
Appian Way
Graduate School of Education

A reception with food and drink will begin at 3:30 pm.


1) Introductory Remarks
Provost Harvey Fineberg
2) Reports from Assembly Committees:
A) Executive Committee -- Michael Leach, Chair
B) Right & Responsibilities -- Lawrence Marcus, Chair
C) Communications & Orientation -- Jeff Cronin, Chair
D) Professional Development -- Cheryl LaGuardia, Chair
E) Nominations -- Ellen Isenstein, Chair
3) Invited Talk: "Personal Reflections on the Faculty/Librarian Relationship"
-- Professor Oliver Oldman (Law School)
4) Status of University Library Council Initiatives
-- Sid Verba, Director of the University Library
5) Future Directions for the Assembly
-- Michael Leach, Chair, Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee have spent the majority of their time in the past six months developing a procedures manual which will guide the day-to-day affairs of the Assembly and its committees. This foundation is extremely important to ensure the smooth and continual movement of the Assembly in fulfilling its objectives as defined under the new bylaws (approved last October).

As this project nears completion, the Committee wishes to seek guidance from the membership as to which projects, tasks, and challenges should be addressed next. The items enclosed on the following list are meant to spark this discussion, and should not be considered the only possibilities. In addition to the Assembly meeting, members are encouraged to contact the Executive Committee (via phone, email, or in person) with any suggestions or concerns they may have, any time during the year.

The Assembly should:

I) Continue developing awareness programs on the Staff Retirement Plan, and report on current efforts to examine the plan.

II) Foster increased librarian/faculty dialogue. This dialogue could take many forms, from informal luncheons with individual faculty members to more formal presentations by faculty members at regular meetings of the Assembly. The intersections between librarians and faculty research and instruction could be highlighted.

III) Explore how shared decision making among librarians is carried out in the various library settings. This exploration could examine various models of the shared decision process and its successes and challenges as implemented.

IV) Identify avenues whereby librarians can further participate in the academic and administrative aspects of the University. Such work would examine areas such as teaching, training, committee work, and research, among others.

V) Develop further programs and mechanisms for support of professional development. Such programs/mechanisms could include the ongoing collection, organization, and dissemination of continuing education information, from master's and doctoral programs in library science to specific institutes such as those from ARL or ALA. Such development could also include locating further money for research and fellowships, beyond the Bryant Fellowship.

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