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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

March 09, 2001

March 09, 2001, Wadsworth House Conference Room
Members present: Kathy Hunter-Rutter, Enith Vardaman, Paula Ebbitt,
Margaret Cianfarini, Mallory Stark, Michael Hopper(notes), Malcolm Hamilton

Emily had briefed Enith on the upcoming April 11 presentation by Mark
Bertonazzi and noted that the preparation for the presentation had consumed
more time than anticipated. Enith presented a preliminary program and
emendations were made. The final program will have Mr. Bertonazzi speaking
from 10 to 11:30 with an opportunity for individual questions from 11:30 to
12:30. It was decided to forgo the afternoon session of private
consultations and to make attendees aware of the fact that they could sign
up for individual consultations with Mr. Bertonazzi at Holyoke Center. The
co-chairs will arrange for lunch with him at the Faculty Club. Emily will
introduce him. Refreshments will be provided. Malcolm suggested that the
Committee send Regina Parrish and Paul Zizzo a memo letting them know the
final program.

On May the 10th Paul Zizzo of the Harvard Benefits Services Group will give
a presentation on the new retirement program for administrative and
professional staff. His presentation will compare and contrast the two
plans and discuss whether there is an option to participate in the new plan
or not. The program will be in the format of a brown bag lunch from 12 to
2. It was also suggested that his presentation include a demonstration of
the financial campus.

Margaret mentioned that she had attended the PricewaterhouseCoopers
presentation and found that it was too basic. The presentation was more
about the basics of investing rather than the new plan. She was more
interested in in possible scenarios under the new plan and more about the
features of the new plan. It seemed to be geared more to the new employee.
The committee decided that Enith and Paula would meet with Paul Zizzo to
discuss the nature of the sessions as well as to refine the program on May

The final two meetings of the Committee are scheduled for Friday, April 13,
at 9 and Friday, May 11, at 9.

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