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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

April 21, 1999

Present: Paula Ebbitt, Greg Finnegan, Malcolm Hamilton, Beth Holmes, Laurie Taylor-Teran, Ann Whiteside (chair, notes)

Absent: Elaine Fadden, Amy Kautzman, Emily Moss


Web site: Laurie brought printouts of the resources web page, asking the committee for input as to organization and ways to clarify the information we offer. We agreed that a table of contents at the top of the page would be useful, as well as annotations on some of the headings. We also suggested a brief disclaimer paragraph under the heading of investment companies, letting people know that we do not necessarily endorse the particular companies to which we have linked. Another suggestion was to move the Social Security link to the top of the Information About Benefits Outside Harvard category.

The committee will be sending out a notice via HULInfo reminding people of our web site and the links to resources on the site. Ann will do this.

We discussed the possibility of having Suzanne Kemple and Naomi Ronen meeting with us again before the summer. Ann will check with both of them to see if they have information for us that would be useful for the committee.

We looked at the committee membership and terms of members. Ideally, the committee would have three people rotate off the committee each year, thereby keeping continuity on the committee. There are three people on the committee with undefined terms. Ann will be talking with these members to figure out their terms.

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 19th, 9:15-10:30 at the Law School.

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