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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

July 21, 1998

Present: Greg Finnegan, Malcolm Hamilton, Amy Kautzman (notes), Emily Moss, Laurie Taylor, Ann Whiteside

Guests: Suzanne Kemple, Michael Leach


1) Amy Kautzman has been voted onto the Librarians' Assembly Executive Committee, therefore her position as chair needs to be filled.

Ann Whiteside is willing to take on the responsibilities of chair and has been accepted as chair.

2) The purpose of this meeting was to give Suzanne Kemple the opportunity to share her work and experience with the University Benefits committee with our committee.

Suzanne spoke a bit concerning the development of her work with benefits and the need for the Benefits Committee. The committee reviewed aspects of the Carpenter Report and librarians major concerns:

The committee spoke about ways in which we could be an resource for librarians as well as share our information/findings concerning how librarians percieved their benefits.

Because the Committee is not allowed to act as a lobbying tool, there will be a fine line between gathering and sharing information and appearing to make demands. Ann will be contacting University Council in order to ascertain the limits of the National Labor Relations Act.

3) Naomi Ronen, also involved with the University Benefits Committee, was on vacation and not able to attend this meeting. She will meet with the Committee in the near future.

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