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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

September 14, 2000

Present: Margaret Cianfarini, Jeff Cronin, Paula Ebbitt, Michael Hopper, Emily Moss, Suz-Ann Olofson, Kathy Rutter, Mallory Stark, Enith Vardaman (notes)

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton

1. New members:  Margaret Cianfarini, Jeff Cronin, Michael Hopper,  Kathy Rutter and Mallory Stark were welcomed.

2. It was decided that meetings would be held at 9:00 AM on the second Friday of each month. Locations will vary. There will be no meeting in December.  Rotation for taking minutes will be in reverse alphabetical order.

3. Emily and Mallory volunteered to be co-webmasters.

4. Suz-Ann reported that Paul Zizzo of HR in Holyoke Center had contacted her. He had suggested 6 HCL sessions on the new retirement plan. They would be held between January and May 2001. Suz-Ann will coordinate with Bette Viano and Malcolm Hamilton so that HUL can be included. The Benefits Committee would like to co-sponsor these sessions.

5. Other possible program topics were suggested:

  1. Suz-Ann suggested that a version of the  orientation program for new employees could be useful for longer term staff as well. She will bring this up during an upcoming talk with Regina Perris (Director of Benefits Services, HR, Holyoke Center)  and Paul Zizzo. We would want such a presentation to exclude discussion of medical and dental benefits because they were covered in last year's program on benefits re-orientation for longer service staff.  The committee considered this the top priority for a fall program.
  2. Suz-Ann also suggested a presentation on TAP by someone from the TAP office. TAP Issues include the interpretation of what is considered job-related and who makes these determinations.  This topic was assigned second priority.
  3. Will Power Estate Planning Program. Committee members who have participated have found it worthwhile, but it was conducted under crowded conditions. This suggests that there could be demand for more sessions than the ones currently sponsored by Outings & Innings. As a courtesy, Outings & Innings would be consulted.
  4. Emily reported on her meeting with a Fidelity representative and on his interesting approach to retirement planning strategies (when to draw on which income sources, etc.). His ideas could be presented in a group setting as well.

  5. Items 3. and 4. were not assigned a priority.

Next meeting: Fri., Oct. 13, 2000

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