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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

September 28, 2001

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
Sept. 28, 2001

Present: Kathryn Hammond Baker, Paula Ebbitt, Michael Hopper, Zuzana Nagy, Kathy Hunter-Rutter, Enith Vardaman (minutes)

Absent: Margaret Cianfarini, Jeff Cronin, Mallory Stark

There are two new committee members this year: Kathryn Hammond Baker of the Rare Books and Special Collections Dept. of Countway Library and Zuzana Nagy of HCL Technical Services.

Kathy and Michael reported on the Librarians' Assembly Executive Committee meeting. Planning for the fall Librarians' Assembly has begun. The probable date and time are Nov. 14 at 2:00 PM. The plan is to invite President Summers to speak. It seems that the Librarians' Assembly is the only body which crosses all schools, and would therefore offer our new president an opportunity to address a broad segment of the university.  In addition, the library could use the occasion to acquaint President  Summers with its achievements through statistics, description of special projects such as the digital library, etc.

Kathy and Michael  also reported on a meeting of Librarians' Assembly committee chairs (not all committee chairs were able to attend) with Barbara Graham and Sidney Verba. Malcolm Hamilton will no longer serve as a member of the various Librarians' Assembly committees. Barbara and Sidney were agreeable to the idea of perhaps only two Benefits Committee sponsored programs this year in view of the problem of heavy demands on staff time caused by the implementation of Aleph  and of a new performance management  program in HCL. Kathy and Michael raised the issue of recruitment problems. This ranged from applications from persons completely unsuited for the particular position to job offers that are rejected because of financial considerations. Barbara and Sidney also felt that it was appropriate for the Benefits Committee to make suggestions. (For example, Benefits Committee members expressed interest in housing assistance such as what is available to faculty).

The committee then turned to program planning for this academic year. There was considerable interest in a presentation on TAP (Barbara and Sidney had approved of this.)

The following suggestions emerged from the discussion:

Mallory had already expressed interest in organizing a program on TAP, and Michael will contact her with our ideas.

The next meeting will be on Oct. 19 at 9:00 AM in the Gibb Room  (Q) of Widener Library.
Michael's directions to the Gibb Room are given below:

Take the main elevator in Widener to the third floor. Exit to your left.
Take another left down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is the
Gibb Library in Room Q in front of you.

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