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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

September 16, 1998

Present: Greg Finnegan, Beth Holmes, Amy Kautzman, Laurie Taylor-Teran, Ann Whiteside

Guest: Naomi Ronen

Absent: Paula Ebbitt, Elaine Fadden, Malcolm Hamilton, Emily Moss


1. Naomi Ronen from the Law School Library joined us to discuss health benefits. Naomi is on the sub-committee on health plans for the University Benefits Committee (UBC). She suggested that we read the UBC Annual Reports (, and review the Medical Plan Comparison Chart ( Naomi also informed us that health plan payments are based on salary tiers. Naomi encourages all staff to read everything that is sent out by the Benefits Office.

In addition, Naomi gave us information about how changes to health benefits are implemented by the UBC. The Committee accepts written requests for changes to health benefits. All written requests are added to the Committee's agenda. A Request for Proposal (RFP) is sent out to insurers to address heath plan options, services, and costs. All RFPs are reviewed and the University makes decisions based on the RFPs. The RFP process takes a full year.

2. As a result of Naomi's visit, we discussed several things the Benefits Committee can do to assist library colleagues. The committee can send an e-mail to all library staff, or put an article in HUL Notes, with the URL for the UBC web site and the Medical Plan Comparison Chart.

We can set up a hyperlink on the Benefits Committee web page to the UBC page with a link to Naomi's e-mail address so she can answer questions (and Suzanne Kemple's e-mail, if she is willing to have her e-mail as a link). The Committee can also create a link to the Massachusetts malpractice web site.

Naomi also suggested performing a literature search on reviews of health plans and mounting a bibliography on our committee web page.

3. The Committee agreed to meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:15 am.

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