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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

September 15, 1999

Present: Paula Ebbitt, Elaine Fadden, Greg Finnegan, Emily Moss (Chair), Laurie Taylor-Teran, Ann Whiteside (minutes), Enith Vardaman

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Beth Holmes, Amy Kautzman, Suz-Ann Olufson


Welcome to new members Suz-Ann Olufson and Enith Vardaman.

The committee membership is now set as follows:

Malcolm Hamilton ex-officio

Laurie Taylor-Teran 2000

Ann Whiteside 2000

Paula Ebbitt 2000

Beth Holmes 2000

Greg Finnegan 2000

Elaine Fadden 2001

Amy Kautzman 2001

Emily Moss (Chair) 2001

Suz-Ann Olofson 2002

Enith Vardaman 2002

Minutes rotation will be alphabetically backwards, beginning with Enith at the October meeting. When minutes are sent to committee members, they should be sent as the body of an e-mail message. A copy should also go to Ann for adding to the committee web page.

Meeting times have been tentatively set for the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m., but we may change the day and/or time for the convenience of committee members. Emily will keep us posted.

As this was Laurie’s last meeting, the committee is looking for a web master. Ann agreed to do this for a few months. Another member may take this on at a later time.

We talked about four possible program ideas. The first is a re-orientation to benefits at Harvard for staff who have been here a while. Committee members are being asked to look at the Human Resources web page to see what topics we think might need to be covered.

The second idea is to have a program on why and how to choose a financial planner. Emily will talk with Malcolm and may also contact the PFE Group about such a session.

The third idea is a program on how to negotiate one’s retirement. Enith, through another committee, attended a pilot program (done by the PFE Group) on topics around this issue. The Harvard Human Resources department is interested in making this session public, but are not yet ready to do so. Enith will keep us apprised of if and when this program may become public.

Emily will also talk with Suzanne Kemple about meeting with us this fall to update us on work regarding benefits that the UBS is doing.

Submitted by Ann Whiteside, September 23, 1999