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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

October 21, 1998

Present: Paula Ebbitt (notes), Elaine Fadden, Greg Finnegan, Beth Holmes, Emily Moss, Laurie Taylor-Teran, Ann Whiteside

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Amy Kautzman


1. We discussed the first item on the agenda, "actions our committee can take," and decided on the following:

a. We can send an email via HULINFO to all library staff with the URL for the UBC web site and the Medical Plan Comparison Chart, including links to the individual plans. Laurie agreed to look into setting up these links to the Benefits Committee Home Page.

b. We felt it was too late to put an article in HUL Notes, which led to a discussion of what's happening with this publication. Ann will try to get the scoop on HUL Notes at this afternoon's Executive Committee meeting of the Librarians' Assembly.

c. As far as linking to the Massachusetts malpractice web site, we thought it might be wise to wait a bit until we gather some information on this site. (We may email Naomi Rosen at the Law School Library for information.)

d. Should we perform a literature search on reviews of health plans and mount a bibliography on our committee web page? Could this be a bottomless pit? How to maintain quality control? A couple of us may poke around for info in LEXIS/NEXIS and ProQuest and see what we find before deciding whether or not to do this.

2. Other ideas for communicating information to the library community:

a. Does the Retirement Office have a web page? Ditto the Center for Training and Development? Elaine will investigate and email us with the info.

b. Ask Human Resources what we could link from their site.

c. Ask to be linked to the Harvard University Library Home Page.

d. Put out a publication that covers available resources. We could get together with the Committee on Communications and Orientation and possibly make this a joint effort.

e. Benefits Committee could add a link to the Librarians' Handbook with our benefits information. Since the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities is responsible for updating the Librarians' Handbook online, we could contact them about this possibility.

f. Malcolm Hamilton said that the Center for Training and Development offers courses on benefits and retirement. Ann will call Margie Nadaff to see if she could speak to us in November or December about offering a course for librarians.

g. Laurie will look into setting up a link from Outings & Innings to our home page.

3. REMINDER: Management Seminar on Thursday, October 29th, Lamont Forum Room, 9:00 a.m.-12 noon. Open to members of Librarians' Assembly committees.

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