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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

February 5, 2003

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
April 1, 2003

Present: Kathleen Rutter, Margaret Cianfarini, Oliver Cutshaw, Mallory Stark, Dana Mastroianni, Kathryn Hammond Baker, and Zuzana Nagy.

Kathy gave an update of the Librarians’ Assembly Executive Committee deliberations. The Rights and Responsibilities Committee will be continued with new membership and leadership in the fall.

Several proposed programs were discussed, most of which hinge on the cooperation and participation if University Benefits staff member Paul Zizzo. As he has been away and unreachable for much of the time since the committee’s last meeting, there was little to report.

The committee has had much interest in a special retirement program from librarians who are enrolled in the old Faculty Plan. The committee anticipates that Paul Zizzo will present a program this spring or early summer for these people.

Paul also indicated that he would arrange for a financial seminar to be presented by TIAA-CREF for librarians. Again, the committee would like to present this program in the spring or early summer.

Paul mentioned to committee members that he is developing a new financial program and hoped that he might pilot it with librarians. This focus group is tentatively scheduled for the fall.

Dana and Zuzana will be following up with Paul.

The ACRL/NEC program was reviewed by committee members who had attended the conference on March 24th. The committee members had had some exchanges with Malcolm Hamilton in January and February regarding his talk, and were interested in considering whether it would be possible to sponsor a reprise for the Harvard library community.

It was decided that Kathy would discuss with him a program for June, possibly co-sponsored with the Professional Development or Communications committees, that might include speakers who could address recruitment tools and variables, such as benefits, organizational structure/functions, and job descriptions. Potential speakers discussed included Michele Cloonan, Dean of the Simmons GSLIS, library professional association representatives, and human resources professionals (Harvard or external). Kathryn agreed to follow up with Michele.

The committee’s next meeting is May 6, Widener G-51 (3-4:30).

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