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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

December 2, 2004

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
December 2, 2004
Location: Law School Library Areeda 524

Present:OC, DM, JL, BK, TM, AD


  1. Review of LAEC from November
  2. This year's Ben Com presentations
    • Child and parental benefits
    • Tour of the MAC (gymnasium)
  3. Next meeting schedule and details
  1. DM and OC give an overview of the November LAEC meeting. Most notable is the great response that the LAEC had to the idea of a librarian's excursion to the MAC. They are less inclined to accept the idea of retirement presentation since central benefits office has scheduled a few sessions already for this year. The idea concerning parental benefits was also acceptable.

    OC explains that events sponsored by the LAEC and the sub committees will now use a lottery-type of system when admitting attendees while scheduling an event. Example, Folks can email a response within 48 hours of receiving the message concerning a LAEC event. Those respondents will then be entered into a lottery (if the number of requests is greater than the number of allotted attendees). Those folks whose name is chosen will be entitled to attend the presentation; all others will be asked to re-enter the lottery next time the event is offered.
  2. OC explains that the group needs to decide on what the presentations will be and begin working and scheduling, ASAP.
  3. Next meeting held on Wednesday January 5, at Houghton from 2-3 PM, JL will supply details and directions closer to the date.

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