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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

February 24, 2005

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
February 24, 2005

Present:DM, BK, JL
Absent:OC, TM, AD, SM

  1. DM gave a debriefing about the MAC tour… Ben Com sponsored a tour of the MAC gymnasium, which was held on Wednesday February 16, 2005 at 2:00pm. Over 40 people responded to the posting , with 20 people allowed as a maximum on the tour. The tour lasted about 50 minutes, 2 groups of 10 were escorted via different pathways through the gym and questions were fielded along the way. Three attendees e-mailed after the tour to say what a great idea this was and one even signed up to become a member of the MAC. We highly recommend offering this again possibly next year as many others would like to attend.
  2. Progress on upcoming Spring event sponsored by the Ben Com…(from Oliver’s notes) We our finalizing details our June Family Benefits presentation; We contacted Nancy Costikyan, Work/Life Manager, Harvard University . She said that meeting on June 15th at 3:00 would be fine. Sara from her office will actually do the presenting.
    We 3 attendees discuss Tom’s attendee will discuss adoption, Jennifer will have a day care person, possibly one who has utilized the services at Radcliffe day care.
  3. LAEC updates include talk concerning the upcoming Spring assembly, broad topic is “World Impact of Harvard Libraries” . Sub committee had met earlier this week to discuss possible ideas with the hopes of narrowing and solidifying the topic during this weeks LAEC meeting on Friday 2/25/05.
  4. Archiving and knowledge management for the LAEC is discussed.
  5. We will need to communicate the details concerning the unknowns for the Spring program by email or if time permits, we can solidify at our next meeting to be held on March 24 from 2-3 at Cabot’s Small Group Instruction Room. (the cookies were great, thanx Billy! And thanx for hosting)
  6. Next meeting will be held at Business School at the building adjacent to the interim library at Kresge Hall Thursday February 24, 2004. Billy Kwan will send out directions closer to the date.

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