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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

March 8, 2004

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
March 8, 2004

Present: Zuzana Nagy, Oliver Cutshaw, Thomas Ma, Dana Mastroianni, and Kathryn Baker.

Zuzana and Oliver discussed the upcoming Spring meeting.  It was felt by them and the full committee that it would be best to go with the presentation by Paul Zizzo for the Spring presentation.  The topic would be lesser known benefits of Harvard Univ. employees.

Dana discussed the possibility of a presentation by Devin from the Career Development Services Office.  After some discussion, it was felt that this might be a good idea for the Fall presentation.  However, we still need to hone down a topic.  What is the focus of this meeting?  resumes? career growth, options? negotiating with your supervisor?  transitioning to new careers?  The Committee felt it was necessary to do some brainstorming and find an appropriate topic.  We should send our ideas to Dana.

This lead to a discussion of topics for future Committee activities.  Kathryn brought up the point that we may discuss topics which are fine ideas for a presentation but that the presentation might be more appropriate for another Lib. Assembly committee to work on.  For example, isn't career development more a topic closer to the Professional Development committee's area.   After a brief discussion, the consensus was that the Committee's job is to help employees to know about resources and benefits at Harvard.  We should not be self-censoring ourselves. And that if a presentation topic seems to cross committee lines, why not reach out to that committee and do a joint presentation?

Zuzanna then reported on the recent Librarian's Assembly executive meeting.  Communication Committee activities were discussed.

Tom Ma brought up questions about our Committee's mission and responsibility.  This lead us back to the question of the Fall Presentation.  The topic of leadership came up.  Leadership:  learning managerial skills, developing cross-departmental communication skills, and working effectively with your staff and your manager.  All are interesting topics.  We discussed the options for this type of training at Harvard.  We were all familiar with these types of courses and workshops but no one really knew which are available.  Thomas said he would investigate.  Here is an area where we can discuss career development through the angle of which resources are available to staff.  We felt this is a good future topic too.

We will have another meeting in April 2004.

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