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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

March 24, 2005

Minutes of the Benefits Committee
March 24, 2005

Present:DM, BK, SM, OC
Absent:TM, AD, JL

  1. DM and OC discuss finalizing the details of the June 15th benefits committee presentation at the Law school. We will have one testimonial from someone who has adopted through Harvard (person supplied by Tom Ma) and another person who has utilized the Harvard day care (person supplied by Jennifer Lyons). A person from Nancy Costykians office will give an overview of the benefits office to round out the program. (OC will ask the rep from Nancy’s office to attend, can TM ask his representative and could JL ask her respective volunteer to attend)

    At our next meeting we suggest that these 3 participants attend so that we can facilitate the program mechanics and they can also meet each other.

    DM will draft a notice which will be sent to HULINFO announcing the program and also send a reminder 3-5 days beforehand. Notice will be approved by all Ben Com members prior to submission to HULINFO.

    Name of program:
    “Family Matters: Resources for the Working Parent at Harvard”
  2. A discussion materializes from the remaining ideas concerning the need to know more about benefits, especially for folks who have been employed at Harvard for 5 or more years. Talk should center around the means and logistics of how benefits managing has drastically changed. SM assumes responsibility in making a list of precisely what benefits this is and letting the committee know.
  3. DM and OC offer a synopsis of LAEC meetings, namely:

Next meeting : Tuesday April 12 at 2pm at Cabot’s small group instruction room on the second floor of Cabot.

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