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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

November 17, 2005

Benefits Committee Meeting
November 15, 2005
Cabot Library, 3:30-5:00 pm

DM, SM, JL, BK, KL, LS, KCY(member at large)

•  DM gave a recap of the presentation held on Thursday Oct 13, 2005 from 3:00-4:30 entitled “Beneficial Advice: a current overview of our benefits package at Harvard,” given by Betsy Falvey a senior benefits advisor here at Harvard. Approximately 38 people attended. Betsy had a handout and DM distributed the PowerPoint handout via email to those who could not make it.

•  One of our newer members, Suzanne Wones, needs to step down from the benefits committee due to over commitments at her job. We thank her for her time that she has served with us.

•  Dana Mastroianni, the chair of the ben com, will be leaving the University as of December 2, 2005. The ben com had a special election to fill the position with either one chair or two co-chairs. Jennifer Lyons and Billy Kwan have been elected as co-chairs and are willing to commit through June 2006, with the possibility of continuing.

•  Ben Com will decide on a topic and date for a spring semester no later than early January 2006. Two possible topics for which we would like approval are:

•  Remaining calendar of meetings for this half of the academic year. We tried to accommodate everyone's requests as best as possible. Here is the ben com calendar through January 2006. Please mark your calendars and we apologize if this schedule creates a hardship for any members:

•  A checklist of items which need attention for the second semester program include but not limited to:

•  KCY suggests that a notice will be sent out via HULINFO concerning the need for more volunteers on the ben com

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