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September 15, 2005

Benefits Committee Meeting
September 15, 2005
Cabot Library-Small room instruction-second floor

•  DM gives a recap of the last meeting that we had.

•  The group discusses particulars for the October 13 presentation at Lamont forum concerning benefits.

ACTION ITEM: DM will check in with SM and remind him about the particulars for the presentation, namely reconnecting with Betsy Falvey, set-up of the powerpoint, and transfer of the handouts to Lamont on the day of the program.

ACTION ITEM: DM will reconfirm the room with Lynn Sayers at Lamont.

ACTION ITEM: LS will compose an initial few sentences describing the program which will be vetted to the Ben Com and then posted on HULINFO. LS will send the writing to DM by September 30 and DM will post after approval from Wadsworth House.

•  The group discusses brainstorms for a title for this program and we all finally agree on: “Beneficial Advice: a current overview of our benefits package at Harvard.”

•  LAEC Orientation meeting-held on September 7, 2005 from 12-1:30 at Lamont Forum. Well attended initial attempt to create a forum in which the new committee members from all the LAEC subcommittees can interact with other librarians and also gain an initial understanding of the duties of the committees.

•  Our new members offered their input about the programs. All comments were positive, some folks would have liked both old and new committee members to be included, others suggested that this would be a good meeting to have twice per year, once at the beginning of the semester and a second time later in the year.

•  This year, it has been decided that there will be one elected member of the LAEC who will sit as an EX OFFICIO member of each of the 4 committees; Karen Carlson Young has been selected for the ben com. We welcome you to the group, Karen.

•  New program discussions will be tabled until the November meeting.

•  Calendar of meetings for this half of the academic year. We tried to accommodate everyone's requests as best as possible and here is the ben com calendar through January 2006, Please mark your calendars and we apologize if this schedule creates a hardship for any members:

September 15, 3-4pm Baker Library

October 13, 3-4:30pm Lamont Forum- presentation, not a meeting per se

November 17, 3:30pm -4:30pm-location to be determined.

December 15, 3:30pm -4:30pm-location to be determined.

January 19, 2006 3:30-4:30 pm-location to be determined

Some members have expressed and interested in hosting a ben com meeting, please let DM know if you might like to host on any of the dates listed above.

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