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Minutes of the Benefits Committee meeting

September 5, 2007

Benefits Committee Meeting
September 5, 2007
Frances Loeb Library, Gropius room

PRESENT: Doug Campbell (DC), Lewis Day (LD), Candice Feldt (CF), Nancy Hallock (NH), Claudia Holguin (CH), Kevin Lau (KL), Steven Marley (SM)
ABSENT: Spruill Harder (SH), Leena Siegelbaum (LS), Kristin Stoklosa (KS)

         KL gave a recap of the last Benefits Committee meeting in April 2007.  

         This yearís elected member of the LAEC EX OFFICIO member will be Kristin Stoklosa, who is replacing Craig Thomas.

         KL inquired for a co-Chair volunteer for this year and anyone who is interested should email him.

         Meeting Minutes will be on a rotating basis.  Rotation cycle will start with KL and the next person following will be based on their last name following the alphabet ďL.Ē

         SM has agreed to serve three more years on the Benefits Committee.  A question came up whether a special member could serve on a LAEC sub-committee indefinitely.  KL will double check with LAEC and report back to the group. 

         The group discussed potential presentation topics for this year.  The group has tentatively agreed to aim for 2-3 programs (if possible) with possible dates in November, January and the last one sometime in the spring term. 

Potential topics included:
1. TAP, Educational Assistance Fund and other learning opportunities @ Harvard. 
(Aiming for a November Brown Bag Lunch presentation).

2. Athletic and Recreation Facilities. 
(Maybe a January on-site tour of the new MAC once it reopens on late October).

3) Wills, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, etc.
(spring term program?)

ACTION ITEM: KL will reserve a time-slot during November for the Lamont Forum room with Lynn Sayers at Lamont.  In addition, he will contact the main Harvard Benefitís group to get additional information concerning a potential presenter (Kevin will recruit SMís help in establishing contacts/presenters/etc.).

ACTION ITEM: KL will present the groupís idea at the next LAEC meeting and initiate any program announcement(s) for HULINFO as soon as possible.

         The LAEC Orientation meeting will be held on September 17, 2005 from 12-1:30pm at Lamont Forum. This will be an opportunity for all new and returning committee members from all the LAEC subcommittees to interact and gain an initial understanding of the duties of the committees.

         New programs were also discussed besides the three mentioned above - these new topics will be ear-marked as possible suggestions for the group as potential programs in the following fiscal year of 2008-2009.  More discussions will occur throughout this year.

         The group decided to meet every month until the end of the year (December 2007).  Afterwards, the group will decide whether to continue on a monthly basis or switch to a schedule every other month.  KL will propose the next meeting for a time in early October via email.  CF has volunteered to host the next meeting at the Loeb Music Library.  The group will continue to discuss details pertaining to the fall (November) program at our next meeting. 

September 5, 3-4pm Frances Loeb Library

October (TBA) 3-4 pm Loeb Music Library

November (TBA), location to be determined.

December (TBA), location to be determined.

Some members have expressed an interest in hosting a future Ben Com meeting Ė all inquiries should be email to KL to reserve one of the dates listed above.   


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