Executive Committee
Minutes 1998

Minutes of the Executive Committee

August 27, 1998

Present: Scott Britton, Ken Carpenter, Ellen Isenstein (recording), Malcolm Hamilton (ex-officio), Michael Leach (chair), Russell Pollard, Steven Riel, Lynn Shirey, Ann Whiteside. Absent: Jeff Cronin, Martin Hollick, Amy Kautzman, Lawrence Marcus, Bill Mayer.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair.

Bill Mayer was nominated Chair of the Executive Committee for a one year term. His acceptance is pending. Scott Britton was nominated for and accepted the position of Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair position is a new one. According to the charge, Vice-Chair will preside in the absence of the Chair, but will not automatically assume that position at the end of the incumbent's term

Standing Committee Reports.

All the committees are seeking new members. The Chairs for the coming year are Ann Whiteside, Benefits; Martin Hollick, Communication and Orientation Lynn Shirey, Rights and Responsibilities; Wendy Thomas, Professional Development.

Benefits Committee: A. Whiteside reported that the committee has met twice already and is planning to schedule a meeting in September.

Rights and Responsibilities. K. Carpenter has updated the history section of the Librarians' Handbook.

Standing Committee New Member Appointments.

The Executive Committee reviewed the responses received to the call for volunteers for membership. The number of people interested in the Professional Development Committee exceeds the number of available spaces. Vacancies on the other committees exceed the number of applicants. The Executive Committee discussed options for evening out the numbers while ensuring balanced representation of various segments of the Harvard library community. Appointments will be announced pending confirmation.

Librarians' Handbook Update

The University Library administration is proposing that Wadsworth House take over the management of the Librarians' Handbook. It will have a link on the University Library home page, where it will be the responsibility of the person in charge of maintaining the HUL Web site. This new arrangement should result in a more efficient process for keeping the Handbook's information up to date. The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities will still be involved in reviewing changes and in maintaining some type of liaison with Wadsworth House for issues relating to the Handbook.

Procedures Manual

Michael Leach will take charge of pulling together and cleaning up the various sections of this work-in-progress. He will be helped by Russell Pollard and two other yet-to-be announced people who have substantial experience with the Librarians' Assembly

Spring 1998 General Assembly Reports Steven Riel and Carrie Kent will transcribe the audiotape that was made at the spring meeting, so that it can be put into electronic format for posting on the Assembly Web site.

Fall 1998 Assembly Planning

Michael made several suggestions. In terms of scheduling, he advised us to avoid all holidays and to try to aim for a morning, for a change. He has copies of letters of invitation to the Provost and the President. These can be used again. For the agenda, he reminded us that we need to include recognition of the winner of the Bryant award and the provision in the bylaws' for voting. Other possible agenda items are a reconsideration of the role at Assembly meetings of the Director of the University, and a review of the work of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee.

Committee and Chair Training

Jane Touhy has put together a program on meeting management. Scott Britton or Wendy Thomas should investigate to see if a 1/2 day session can be arranged. The University Library administration has funds to pay for it. It was suggested that the Committee on Communication and Orientation consider offering an orientation program to new committee chairs. Gladys Dratch may have collected some material that could help in developing such a program.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

Nominations Committee. Ellen Isenstein reported that a total of 147 ballots were returned, one of which was invalid.

Dates for Upcoming Meetings

We will aim to meet on the third Wednesday afternoon of the month. The next meeting will be held on September 16th.