Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1998

Minutes of the Executive Committee

September 23, 1998

Present: Scott Britton, Ken Carpenter, Martin Hollick, Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman (recording), Bill Mayer, Russell Pollard, Lynn Shirey Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Wendy Thomas, Ann Whiteside.

1) Dates for future Executive Committee meetings: (locations to be announced)

2) Standing Committee Reports

Rights and Responsibilities. Lynn Shirey reported that the committee has yet to meet this semester. Seeking new members in order to build a full committee. The chair and committee have questions as to the relevance of the committee, this was discussed with no conclusion drawn. Now that the Librarians' Handbook has been updated, what do we think the librarians expect of this committee?

Professional Development. Wendy Thomas was absent, no report.

Communication & Orientation. Martin Hollick reported that the committee will be meeting Sept. 24th. There are 16 new librarians on the new librarian list. These people will be taken to lunch and introduced to other librarians. The Committee will host a reception on October 28, 1998 for all new librarians at the Widener Memorial Room and Rotunda from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. All librarians are invited. Longer-serving staff are urged to accompany their newer colleagues in order to introduce them to the rest of the library community. The web page has been updated.

Benefits Committee. Ann Whiteside was absent. Amy Kautzman, member of the committee, reported that the benefits group has meet twice. Once with Suzanne Kemple to discuss retirement benefits and once with Naomi Ronen to discuss health benefits. The newly formed committee is feeling its way towards a charge.

3) Discussion of Librarians' Assembly. We need to find out when the President is able to attend our meeting before we can schedule the event. We discussed ways of making the Assembly a more representative, powerful, and interesting forum. Discussion of times, speakers, topics, etc. were entertained.

4) Old Business. Michael Leach and Russell Pollard are working on updating the Procedures Manual.