Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1998

Minutes of the Executive Committee

October 21, 1998

Present: Scott Britton, Ken Carpenter, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman, Bill Mayer, Lynn Shirey (recording), Wendy Thomas, Ann Whiteside Absent: Russell Pollard

1) Announcements

Bill Mayer met with Michael Leach for a transfer-of-power lunch, which was successful. He has made several calls to Pres. Rudenstine regarding the date of the Librarians' Assembly, and is waiting for a reply.

On Thurs., Oct. 29 a session on Meeting Management for Standing Comm. members will be held in the Lamont Forum Room from 9-12. Comm. chairs should let Scott Britton know how many of their members will be attending so that free spaces may be offered to other committee members.

2) Standing Committee Reports

Rights and Responsibilities. Lynn Shirey reported that the committee would be meeting for the first time this year on Oct. 27. There are 3 new and 4 continuing committee members. She continues to be concerned with the committee's charge, and will seek input from members.

Professional Development. Wendy Thomas reported that her committee had met once. They are leaning toward not orgnanizing the usual Spring Technology Fair because so much other training is available. They would like to invite Juliet Schorr to speak on "The Overspent American" in December. They will organize a brown bag lunch with past recipients of the Bryant fellowship.

Communications and Orientation. Martin Hollick reported that a new librarians' reception will be held on Wed., Oct. 28, 3:30-5 in the Widener Rotunda. He will introduce any Executive Committee members who are present.

Benefits. Ann Whiteside reported that her committee members are educating themselves about benefits issues; they intend to focus on disseminating information about benefits to librarians. Will create a Web page with links to sources of info.

3) Discussion of Librarians' Assembly.

Bill Mayer pointed out that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Librarians' Assembly. He is trying to set up a date for sometime between Dec. 2-10, depending on Pres. Rudenstein's availability.

Program: we agreed to focus on the early years of the Assembly, with short presentations by some veteran librarians, possibly with slides. Ken Carpenter and Malcolm Hamilton will work with Bill on this. Lynn Shirey stressed that the program should also include updates, status reports on recent ad-hoc committee work such as the PDQ, PIQ, professional development report and the ULC's response to it.