Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1998

Minutes of the Executive Committee

November 18, 1998

Present: Scott Britton, Ken Carpenter, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Bill Mayer, Russell Pollard, Lynn Shirey, Wendy Thomas, Ann Whiteside
Absent: Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman

1. Minutes

The minutes of the October 21 meeting were approved.

2. Upcoming Librarians' Assembly

Bill Mayer distributed a draft agenda for the December 8 Librarians' Assembly. The first part of the agenda is fairly standard, but Bill asked the committee for suggestions on how to honor the work of Michael Leach. Ken Carpenter suggested that this be a 'one-time' honor.

Bill asked if we need to have reports from the standing committees at the Assembly. Most committee members agreed that the reports could be very brief (naming of members and brief statement of each committee's charge and/or activities), and that it is helpful to recognize committee members and to make sure Assembly attendees know who is who.

Sid Verba will have a report on professional development to distribute before December 8th; there will be time for discussion of the report during the Assembly. The committee hopes the report is circulated by November 30, so Assembly members will have time to read it before the Assembly.

The draft agenda was amended slightly so that Sid will follow Malcolm Hamilton, who will speak on 25 years at the Harvard University Library, and Ken, who will speak on 'learning from the past.' Rudenstine will make opening and closing remarks.

Next, Bill discussed his November 17th meeting with Sid and Barbara Graham. In addition to discussing the professional development report, Sid mentioned that the ULC wants the Executive Committee's feedback on a proposed awards program. The ULC is recommending one general award for innovative contributions to the Harvard library system, along with two-five smaller, more specific awards. The awards program would not be routine or regular, but it would involve financial or scholastic awards. Ken commented that few people seem to want an awards program. Wendy Thomas reported that staff award programs in general can be extremely problematic, with charges of favoritism, etc. Bill remarked that Sid is interested in an awards consulting committee that would be made of members of the ULC and the Librarians' Assembly. Martin Hollick mentioned the possibility of having faculty/student groups administer the awards. Bill will report the committee's comments to Sid.

Bill mentioned that the other topic Sid raised was a suggestion that we do a spring program on intellectual property/copyright issues, which are so popular right now. The committee agreed to refer this to the Professional Development Committee, and Wendy will put it on the PDC agenda when it meets on November 20. Scott Britton mentioned that recent ACRL conferences have had copyright sessions. Someone mentioned that the General Counsel's Office should be involved if we pursue such a program. Bill stressed that Sid was very much in favor of programming, and Ken remarked that he thinks the Librarians' Assembly committees should do more programming.

Lynn Shirey asked Bill if there had been any discussion of the PIQ with Sid. Bill said no. Malcolm mentioned that the release of the position classification matrices had not raised the anticipated controversial issues, and that there did not seem to be a flood of reclassifications. The committee decided that Bill should ask Sid to address the PIQ at the Assembly.

3. Standing Committee Reports

Lynn reported on the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities. A possible charge for this committee could be the PIQ process. There is much confusion over what has happened/is happening. Lynn reported that many people do not know how to begin the reclassification process. Bill suggested that this could be a good project for this committee and urged that they work with the PIQ Continuation Committee. Malcolm suggested that Rights and Responsibilities query each faculty to determine what is involved with reclassifications. This information could be gathered and eventually distributed to Assembly members. Lynn also mentioned the possibility of working on equity issues between the different faculties at Harvard. Bill suggested that we wait for news on the PIQ's status before pursuing this.

There were no other Standing Committee reports. Due to time constraints, discussion of the LAEC Procedures Manual and the Meeting Management Seminar was postponed to the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Wendy Thomas
November 18, 1998