Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1998

Minutes of the Executive Committee

December 16, 1998

Present: Scott Britton (recording), Ken Carpenter, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Ellen Isenstein, Bill Mayer, Russell Pollard, Wendy Thomas.
Absent: Amy Kautzman, Lynn Shirey, Ann Whiteside.
  1. Minutes
    The minutes from the November meeting were approved with one correction.

  2. Announcements
    Malcolm Hamilton reported on the meeting of human resources directors. They are pursuing programs on personal financial education. The Benefits Committee may sponsor a similar program for librarians.

    Staff in Wadsworth House will be asked to transcribe the audio recording of the recent Librarians' Assembly.

  3. Assembly Meeting
    Attendance at the December Librarians' Assembly reached 120.

    The Committee thanked Malcolm Hamilton and Ken Carpenter for their presentations given at the assembly. The Committee also agreed that the newly established Professional Development Leave Program was received well and that Sid Verba should be thanked for his efforts to get it approved. While there was some concern over the 6 years of employment required for participation in the leave program, the Committee agree that this seemed acceptable when compared to similar benefits given to faculty and the required years of employment for other benefits.

    Bill Mayer reported that a librarian spoke to him after the assembly and commented on the benefits of involving faculty in future assemblies. The Committee agreed that faculty speeches should continue to be included on future agendas.

  4. Standing Committee Reports
    Communications and Orientation:
    Fifty people are on the list for new staff dinners. All should have been contacted by the end of February.

    Tours of various libraries should begin in March and continue through the spring.

    Professional Development:
    Juliet Schor, author of The Overspent American, will give a presentation on January 1 lth at the Kennedy School. The announcement requesting nominations for the Bryant Fellowship has been made.

    James M. Matarazzo, Dean of the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, was asked about possibilities for continuing education programs for Harvard librarians. He is interested in the idea and will look into mailing brochures to non-Simmons librarians. Simmons may also be able to host continuing education classes at Harvard.

    Rights and Responsibilities: (Scott reporting for Lynn)
    Because newly formed ULC committees will look at position analysis implementation, this is no longer a subject requiring immediate action by this committee.

    An idea to create a database of Harvard librarians and their areas of expertise was presented to the Executive Committee and was not received well. It was noted that others have tried to do similar projects in the past and had been unsuccessful. Also, this project did not fit well into the existing charge of the Committee. An ad hoc committee or project team might be formed if there is still interest in doing this in the future.

  5. Status of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee
    As planned, a general discussion on the future goals of and need for the Rights and Responsibilities Committee continued. While it was generally agreed that the issue of librarians' rights and responsibilities needs to be a focus of the Librarians' Assembly and that the Assembly has repeatedly expressed its desire to have a committee expressly for this purpose, the problem of where the Committee fits in with other committees and if enough work exists to justify its continuance remains. One suggestion of an immediate goal was to have the Committee follow up on the December 1995 recommendations made by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Rights and Responsibilities. Another suggestion was to have the Committee meet for only a few months in the fall with the purpose of reporting on the "state of librarians' rights" Another suggestion was to have the Committee meet for only a few months in the fall with the purpose of reporting on the "state of librarians' rights" at the fall Assembly meeting. Any issues raised by the report could be acted upon by the Rights and Responsibilities Committee or an ad-hoc committee.