Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999

Minutes of the Executive Committee

February 17,1999

Present: Ken Carpenter (recording), Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman, Bill Mayer, Lynn Shirey, Wendy Thomas, Ann Whiteside

  1. Minutes
    The minutes were approved. There was discussion about the possibility of approving the minutes electronically in advance of meetings, but it was decided to continue to have formal approval and opportunity to review the minutes at the start of meetings. The consensus of a brief discussion about attributing statements to individuals in the minutes was that this would not usually be done.

  2. Possible meeting with ULC
    Bill Mayer will contact Sid Verba and look into a possible meeting with the ULC.

  3. Committee on Rights and Responsibilities
    It was agreed that the Rights and Responsibilities Committee would review the recommendations in the report of the Ad-Hoc Committee and report on their status, with an eye to making a presentation at the spring meeting of the Assembly.

  4. Communications and Orientation
    Bill Mayer noted in the absence of the chair of the committee that it has been continuing to do its work of taking new staff members to lunch.

  5. Professional Development
    Wendy noted that 40-50 people attended the lecture by Juliet Schor and that about 25 librarians attended a brown-bag luncheon with some Bryant Fellowship awardees. Consensus was that there should be another such meeting next year and that it should be announced in the fall.

    The committee has organized a seminar for April 8 at which Gary King of the Government Department will make a presentation on electronic data. Copies of the continuing-education brochure of Simmons GSLIS have been mailed to non Simmons alumni.

    A panel discussion is being planned with several Harvard librarians who are active internationally, and the committee believes there may be possibilities for further such programs.

  6. Benefits
    Personal Financial Education seminars are being planned, the first to be March 17,9-12 a.m. in the Lamont Forum Room.

  7. Executive Committee manual
    Bill Mayer distributed a list of parts of a LAEC Manual and the status of each; it had been prepared by Russ Pollard. Bill will contact Michael Leach to obtain from him whatever parts are in electronic form.

  8. Bill Mayer noted that he will contact the President's Office regarding a date at which Mr. Rudenstine could chair a meeting of the spring Assembly.