Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999

Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 17,1999

Present: Scott Britton, Ken Carpenter, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick (minutes), Ellen Isenstein, Bill Mayer, Russell Pollard, Lynn Shirey, Wendy Thomas, and Ann Whiteside.

  1. Minutes
    The minutes of the Feb. 17, 1999 meeting were approved.

  2. Bill was in contact with Sid Verba regarding the executive committee meeting with the ULC. We are on the ULC agenda for their April meeting, although it was not clear whether we would meet with them then or whether they would discuss meeting with us at the April meeting.

  3. No date for the next librarians' assembly has been set. It will have to be in early May for Sid's schedule. Peter Bol from the FAS Library Committee may be the speaker.

  4. Committee Reports:
    1. Rights and Responsibilities.
      This committee has met twice. They are reviewing their charge, which is to update the 1995 report to the Librarians' Assembly (the so-called Green or Carpenter Report). A 1997 update was previously conducted. Some items have not yet been addressed by this 1997 update, while some things are still in the planning stages. Although the Assembly supported the recommendations, it was not clear that the ULC would implement them. Conducting interviews/survey again was discussed. Lynn would prepare a bulleted report for Bill to review.
    2. Communication and Orientation.
      There are about 40 new librarians still waiting for lunches, but the committee is busy taking them out. There will be an upcoming meeting to discuss library tours. Possible sites are needed.

    3. Professional Development.
      Last meeting was March 5, 1999. No Bryant Fellowship winner had been announced yet. Future plans include the April 8th Gary King lecture and the May panel on the international activities of Harvard librarians. Preliminary planning on a possible copyright symposium for the fall was discussed.

    4. Benefits.
      Suzanne Kemple is now a full member of the University Benefits Committee. Two sessions for financial planning were offered on this day (March 17th) and were full. 25 people were turned away.

  5. LAEC Handbook agenda item was tabled.

  6. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 3:00 at Room 88 conference room at Widener.