Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999

Minutes of the Executive Committee

April 21, 1999

Present: Scott Britton (recording), Ken Carpenter, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Amy Kautzman, Bill Mayer, Russell Pollard, Lynn Shirey
Absent: Ellen Isenstein, Ann Whiteside, Wendy Thomas

  1. The Spring Librarians' Assembly will include Prof. Peter Bol as the keynote speaker. Neither the President nor Provost is able to attend, so Sidney Verba will preside. Prof. Verba will also update the Assembly on the recent activities of the ULC and University Library.

  2. The purpose of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee has been discussed throughout the year. It was suggested that rather than have the committee meet without a clear agenda, it should be formed each year but only convened when necessary. The Chair would continue to serve on the Executive Committee. This proposal was approved.

  3. The recent ULC meeting was attended by several members of the Executive Committee. Recent activities of the various Assembly committees were reported. Several questions presented by the Rights and Responsibilities Committee were tabled for further consideration. The questions will be sent to Prof. Verba by the Executive Committee.

    The purpose of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee was raised and members of the ULC suggested focusing on issues of diversity.

  4. Diversity issues were discussed in general and as a possible charge for Rights and Responsibilities. It was suggested that David Jones, Director of Workplace Initiatives, be contacted to assist in developing the topic of diversity into possible agenda items for the committee.

  5. A nominating committee will be formed soon to replace members-at-large who are leaving. Terms for Bill Mayer and Russell Pollard are ending. Scott Britton and Ellen Isenstein have one year remaining; Amy Kautzman and Ken Carpenter have two years left.