Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999

Minutes of the Executive Committee

May 19, 1999

Present: Scott Britton, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman, Lynn Shirey, Wendy Thomas, Ann Whiteside (minutes)
Absent: Ken Carpenter, Russell Pollard

  1. Committee Reports
    Communications and Orientation:
    The committee has only 22 people to host lunch for, and of those 18 have been assigned a lunch date.

    The committee has held discussions about the value of continuing the Librarian's Table. It will be re-instituted in the fall, every other month. Advertising will be done via HULInfo only; no mass mailings will be sent out. The committee is thinking of including speakers and/or tours with each lunch. The traditional library tours will also be done again next year. The committee will have five spaces open for members next year, leaving three continuing members. Martin has asked if one of three remaining members will chair the committee in the next year.

    Benefits Committee:
    Suzanne Kemple and Naomi Ronen met with the committee to provide updates on their work with the University Benefits Committee.

    All members of the current committee will remain on the committee for next year. Rotation of membership will begin in 2000, when four people will rotate off the committee. As committee members are added, their terms will reflect the desired three-year rotation necessary to keep continuity and new blood.

    The committee will not meet again until August or September when they will begin planning programs for next year.

    Professional Development Committee:
    The Gary King talk was well attended. The committee's final event will be Friday, May 21st - Librarians in Service Around the World.

    The committee will leave a list of possible events for the new committee to consider.

    There will be four or five spaces open on the committee for next year. Betsy Eggelston has agreed to chair the committee.

    Rights and Responsibilities:
    It has been agreed by the Executive Committee that this committee will have a chair and a committee each year, but that the committee will not meet unless there are established projects to work on. The committee will finish out its current work, which includes talking with David Jones from the Workforce Initiative. David will talk with the committee about what diversity in the workplace encompasses.

    The committee will need three new members next year.

  2. Spring Assembly:
    It was agreed that the assembly went well, though there was not enough notice for people to clear their calendars. 86 Librarians attended the Assembly.

  3. Fall Assembly: In light of the difficulty in getting the Assemblies on the calendars of Sidney Verba and Neil Rudenstine, we are looking for a date for the Fall Assembly; this would be between November 3rd and 9th. Scott will contact Verba's and Rudenstine's offices to see if they are available on any of those days. In addition, Scott will talk to Verba about his thoughts on agenda items. The agenda will be finalized during the August or September meetings.

  4. Nomination Committee:
    Amy agreed to chair the Nominating Committee this year. She will seek volunteers to fill out the committee. The committee's work is to find two at-large members for the Executive Committee.

  5. Membership recruiting for the Standing Committees will be organized by Martin. He will write up a solicitation and make sure it goes out to Librarian staff.

    The committee membership recruiting and the Nominating Committee will have their work finished by the end of August.

  6. New Executive Committee Chair and Vice-Chair: It was agreed that Scott will be chair next year. A Vice-Chair will be chosen in September.