Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999


Minutes of the Executive Committee

September 15, 1999

Present: Judi Beland, Ken Carpenter (minutes), Betsy Eggleston, Ellen Isenstein, Malcolm Hamilton, Martin Hollick, Amy Kautzman, Emily Moss, Russ Pollard, Jan Voogd, Ann Whiteside, Scott Britton (chair)

Activity over the summer
Scott reported that letters went out requesting librarians to express interest in serving on committees, with the result that there are more volunteers than available spaces. Should a vacancy develop, the spot will first be offered to someone who has already volunteered.

Amy reported on her work to field a full slate of candidates, and she added that the election was close, with a high voter turnout. She did note, though, that the process had been rushed, because the procedure called for by the by-laws had not been employed. The by-laws needs to be reviewed further in advance of next year's election.

Meeting dates for the year
Third Wednesday of every month, 3-4:30, in the Lamont Forum Room when possible:
October 20
November 17
December 15
January 19
February 16
March 15
April 19
May 17

Vice-chair selection
Amy Kautzman agreed to serve as vice-chair.

Executive Committee functioning
Malcolm Hamilton suggested that in addition to a statement of communication procedures, the Executive Committee might do well to put together a calendar showing what must be done at various points in the year. Scott agreed to do this. Malcolm urged particular be made to make sure that names in a list of members of committees be correct, and Scott asked that committee chairs take responsibility for this, as well as adding years of service of members.

Committee updates
Emily Moss reported on the Benefits Committee. It has two new members. In addition to the ordinary work, they are considering four activities: 1) a report from Suzanne Kemple of the university's Benefits Committee; 2) staff orientations for all staff who wish, not just new staff; 3) program on financial planning, with an emphasis on what financial planners do and how one uses such a person; 4) a program on how to negotiate retirement, i.e., how to handle your retirement account, how to apply for social security, how to deal with medical matters, etc.
Martin Hollick reported on Communications. He noted that the committee would be meeting the next day and that choosing a new chair was at the top of the agenda. Members of the Executive Committee suggested that it would be a good idea to think through which functions of the committee are properly those of the committee and which the function of the University Library, possibly inviting Barbara Graham to a meeting of the committee to consider this matter.

Fall Assembly meeting
Martin Hollick suggested that access, in its various manifestations, might be a good topic for the fall Assembly meeting. Members showed an interest in having a lively meeting that would stimulate consideration of important issues by the generality of librarians. Ken Carpenter was asked to contact Nicholson Baker to see if he would be interested in being a speaker.