Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999


Minutes of the Executive Committee

October 19, 1999

Present: Scott Britton (Chair), Phyllis Askey, Jan Voogd, Judi Beland, Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman, Lynn Shirey, and Emily Moss.

Minutes of the September 15th meeting were approved.

Committee Reports

Rights and Responsibilities Lynn Shirey reported that the committee plans to meet soon. The committee is best described as a 'think tank', and several of the ideas it has generated have been taken up and carried through by other groups. At present there is a plan to send out a survey to librarians, soliciting their ideas, plans and general satisfaction. There was a discussion on the purpose of the committee, and Lynn asked members to introduce new ideas.

Benefits Emily Moss reported on the meeting of the committee this morning. The discussions centered on the organization of specific programs in progress and in the planning stages. The committee will sponsor a re-orientation program for longer service staff on November 3, and another on either retirement, or financial planning (or both) in the spring. Details of the November 3 program were ironed out, and the committee also resolved its webmaster problem. The next meeting is November 17.

Communications Phyllis Askey reported on the September 30 meeting of the committee. Three focuses were identified.

There was some discussion about how the lists of new librarians are composed and whether or not the committee is missing some of the new librarians.

Professional Development Chair was absent.

Fall Assembly
Scott reported that he met with Sid Verba and Barbara Graham about having Nicholson Baker as a speaker, and they decided that he might be more suitable for a special presentation. The fall meeting, to be held on December 8, should concentrate on Harvard library issues.

Sid had several suggestions.

The Executive Committee members' consensus was for a panel discussion. Sid's idea of "the expanding role of librarians as teachers" brought on a discussion of liaison programs between libraries and academic departments, a 'client service' focus to libraries and the general fostering of closer relations between librarians and faculty members. Amy suggested that the panel could talk about different models for cooperation. The models could depend in part on the different sizes and missions of the libraries. 'Community', 'targeted outreach', 'building relationships' were repeated themes of the discussion.

Implementation of the panel discussion for the Fall Assembly carried with it an assignment of tasks, such as deciding who to contact to be on the panel, the sorts of initiatives to discuss, and even whether or not to try to have refreshments in the Science Center. Amy, Ellen and Lynn volunteered to be a sub-committee for further planning.

Other Business

The by-laws should be reviewed, but a discussion about them was tabled until a future meeting. Scott passed out copies of the LAEC manual and asked the committee members to read it.

Scott gave a brief review of the content of the Fall Assembly meeting: Sid will tell us what the ULC will be doing this year; the committee chairs will introduce themselves, their committees and their plans for the year, and the panel discussion will have the remaining time.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be in the Lamont Forum Room on November 17.

Minutes by Emily H. Moss