Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999


Minutes of the Executive Committee

17 November 1999

Present: Scott Britton, Chair; Ellen Isenstein; Emily Moss; Amy Kautzman; Jan Voogd (minutes); Phyllis Askey; Judith Beland; Lynn Shirey; Malcolm Hamilton.

Absent: Ken Carpenter; Betsy Eggleston.

1. Minutes from October meeting submitted and approved.

2. Discussion of Old Business. There is some question on the status of the recommendations, issues, and questions generated from the "Carpenter Report." Scott Britton and Lynn Shirey will be investigating the matter more fully.

3. Subcommittee Updates

Benefits Committee Report, Emily Moss, Chair

§ They reviewed the Reorientation presentation for Longer Service Staff that took place earlier this month.

§ They discussed ideas for what to sponsor in the Spring.

§ There was a great deal of discussion in the committee meeting regarding the upcoming Retirement Forums. Scheduled for Dec. 2 at 3pm and Dec 10 at 10am in the Lamont Forum Room, the forums will provide the opportunity to learn about and discuss the issue of exempt staff being included in the Faculty Retirement Plan rather than the current Staff Retirement Plan. The Assembly Benefits Committee has agreed to sponsor the event, but questions remain as to why the event has not been advertised yet, and how involved and in what way are the ULC Benefits Committee, Suzanne Kemple, Regina Paris, and Polly Price. Scott and Malcolm will follow up with Suzanne and Polly.

§ The committee will not be meeting in December.

Professional Development Committee, Betsy Eggleston, Chair

Chair absent. Report will be made in December.

Communication Committee, Phyllis Askey, Chair

§ The committee hosted a new librarians' lunch this past Monday. Seven librarians attended. There will be another lunch this next Monday.

§ The Reception for New Librarians has been postponed until Spring.

§ The tours will be combined with the monthly librarian lunches. There will be two tours in the Spring: the Archives in February and Countway in April or May.

§ The committee discussed the possibility of a list of links on the website, to orient new librarians to the university.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee, Lynn Shirey, Chair

Has not met; nothing to report.


4. December Assembly Update

The announcement of the Assembly has been made. It was decided that logistical problems disallow refreshments, so none will be served. The President will introduce the meeting. The Chair of the Executive Committee will give a brief introduction. The committees will report, introducing new members and listing any recent accomplishments and plans for the year. Sid Verba will speak briefly regarding the current thinking of the ULC. There will be a panel discussion with four speakers on stage, addressing the topic, "Targeted Outreach." Amy Kautzman will moderate the panel, giving an introduction and being available to respond to questions.

5. Librarians' Assembly Executive Committee Manual.

With great modesty, met with great enthusiasm, Scott Britton presented the revised version of the LAEC Manual. Copies were distributed to all present. Everyone is asked to read through the Manual for accuracy and possible typographical errors. The suggestion was made that the entire by-laws be included, as an appendix.

6. Meeting adjourned. The next meeting is Wed., Dec. 15, in the Lamont Forum Room, from 3pm to 4:30.