Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes 1999


Minutes of the Executive Committee

December 15, 1999

Present: Scott Britton (Chair), Kenneth Carpenter, Elizabeth Eggleston, Ellen Isenstein, Amy Kautzman (Vice-Chair, Recording), Emily Moss, Lynn Shirey, Jan Voogd


1) Assembly manual: The Committee accepted the edited Assembly Manual from Scott. We will all give it one more look over and when all changes have been incorporated Scott will place the Manual on the Web site:


2) New Members: The Committee examined how new members are solicited for the Assembly. The question of combining the search for Assembly members-at-large and committee members was considered. Should both groups be combined into one mailed request?

It was decided that the solicitation of new members (both at-large and for committees) would be done via e-mail and Web links instead of paper.

We came to the conclusion that the two solicitations would remain separate in order to keep the Assembly in the publics’ eye and to give ample opportunity for volunteers to connect with the organization.


3) The Assembly calendar was changed in order to bump up nomination/voting dates. By moving nominations forward a month it gives the Assembly Nomination Committee more time to run an open and fair process and allows us more time to entice members to join committees.


4) Discussion of Library Issues: The Assembly Committee held a discussion that explored its place in addressing/raising work issues of concern to the larger library community. An example of such an issue would be the future move of the Widener catalogers to Central Square.

While we came to no clear conclusion on the Assembly’s place in potentially political debates, we did agree that there is no other organization that represents the voice of librarians.

There are a few committees who felt it would be within their descriptions to raise issues of relevance within a public forum, either for the enlightenment and education of a number of people or for an exploration of movements within today’s libraries. No course was decided upon.


Standing Committee Reports:

Benefits: Emily Moss reported that the two days of retirement forums on December 9th and 10th were a great success. These forums, lead by Polly Price, described possible changes to staff retirement plans. The changes being considered would give exempt employees similar options to those enjoyed by the faculty. If the changes go into effect there will be a series of informational meetings.


Communications & Orientation Committee: Neither co-chairs were at the meeting. They did, however, e-mail their notes. ComCom is working on dates for spring term tours of libraries (probably Archives and Countway) combined with a social hour/refreshments in the libraries and on the annual Reception for new Librarians. They will be meeting on Thursday day afternoon to work on planning those events. They will have updates on those to report at the next meeting.


Professional Development: Betsy Eggleston reported on a series of programs coming up in the near future.

A brown bag luncheon is to be held on Jan 12th in the Forum Room from 12-1:30pm discussing the Bryant Fellowship.

On Jan 26th OIS is hosting a program entitled, “Who we are, where we are going” at 10am in the Lamont Forum Room.

The Program Conservation Office will be holding an open house and giving a presentation at a time to be announced.

And finally, Betsy is in contact with the General Council’s office in order to put together a forum on copyright laws.


Rights & Responsibilities: Has not met at this point.