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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Lamont Library Forum Room

Present: Scott Britton (Chair), Judi Beland, Kenneth Carpenter, Betsy Eggleston, Laura Farwell Blake, Ellen Isenstein, Jan Voogd


The Spring Assembly was discussed in detail:

1.Presentation and format:

Many ideas on presentation were discussed; an outside speaker, a Harvard oriented speaker or a panel of faculty from Harvard with an outside facilitator, and finally a panel of librarians from Harvard with one mediator/facilitator. It was decided that the last idea for presentation was the best. Three librarians, Tom Michalak, Dan Hazen and Judy Messerele were suggested as panelists and Linda Kresge as the facilitator. Scott will follow up with these people on their availability, etc. It was suggested that the audience be seated in a circle or half circle, facing the panelists. The half circle was chosen because of space.


The topics centered on the professionalism and identity of today's Harvard librarian given the changes inside the library, such as the Internet, the digital library, etc. It was mentioned that the sense of community between users and librarians that we had in the past has changed, also. It was decided that the discussion at the Assembly would center on these and library tradition vs. the new library.

3. Conclusion

Scott suggested that committee members email him our understanding of the topics and suggested questions to be considered for the panelists.


Nominating Committee Chair

Amy Kautzman has agreed to be the chair for this committee again. She will put out the call next month for candidates to run for the two Member-at-Large openings.


Standing Committee Reports

Communication & Orientation Committee: Laura Farwell reported:

1. On the Spring Library Open Houses: HU Archives on February 29, and Countway May 3.

2. The New Librarian's Reception will be held on Wednesday, March 8 from 3:30-5:30 at the Faculty Club. Members of our committee should try to attend. Invitations to about 100 new professional library staff have been mailed.


Professional Development: Betsy Eggleston reported:

1. The committee is arranging for a presentation on preservation of library materials

2. Also a program on copyright given by the General Council's Office

3. Might have an exhibit on the Bryant scholarship

4. The committee sent out an email to Harvard librarians asking for information on any librarian involved in international libraries. They have received a few responses.

5. They are losing two committee members.


Benefits: Emily Moss emailed Scott

1. Members brought information to the meeting on University benefits and perks that librarians may not be aware of. They will post a link to Outings and Innings on their website, as well as a notice about other benefits, such as discounts at TCP, that people may have forgotten about.

2. They discussed the Spring (April) program on financial planning that will be given by a representative of TIAA-CREF

3. The committee is discussing sponsoring museum tours for 8-10 librarians, could be any new librarian, or not so new. They will confer with the Communication & Orientation Committee on this, to see if they are interested in a joint effort, or if they want to handle the sponsorship themselves.