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Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 15 , 2000

Present: Scott Britton (Chair), Judi Beland, Kenneth Carpenter, Betsy Eggleston, Laura Blake, Ellen Isenstein (recording), Amy Kautzman, Emily Moss, Lynn Shirey, Jan Voogd

Committee Reports

Benefits Committee (reported by Emily Moss)

1. Program on financial services. The committee will decide on presenters for this April program at their meeting next week.


Communication & Orientation Committee. (reported by Laura Blake )

1. The reception for new librarians, held on Wednesday, March 8, went well. There was a large turn-out and people seemed to enjoy the facilities offered by the Faculty Club. Fifty of the seventy new librarians hired since the last reception were there. The Committee will do a post-event analysis at their next meeting.

2. The tour of Countway Library, originally scheduled for May 3, has to be re-scheduled because it conflicts with the date of the spring Librarians Assembly.

3. The program of lunches for new librarians has by now reached most of the people on the list.


Professional Development (reported by Betsy Eggleston)

1. The copyright seminar presented by Alan Ryan was well attended. Betsy filmed most of it, on an experimental basis, with a digital video camera that she had recently acquired. There was some discussion about what to do with this video. (see notes on recording of Assembly meetings below under "Topics".)


Rights and Responsibility (reported by Lynn Shirey)

1. There have been no meetings this year.

2. The Executive Committee discussed the future of the Rights and Responsibility Committee and concluded that it should continue the policy of not meeting as long as there are no appropriate issues to be addressed. The membership will remain static next year, with no replacements for outgoing members.

3. Lynn's term as chair will be over. She will solicit the existing members to see if anyone is interested in replacing her.


Nominating Committee (reported by Amy Kautzman)

1. This year's Nominating Committee is made up of Janet Katz, Amy Kautzman (chair) and Janet Taylor.

2. There will be two openings for members-at large on next year's Executive Committee, to replace Scott Britton and Ellen Isenstein whose terms expire in August.

3. A notice soliciting nominees for next year's Executive Committee will go out on HULInfo this week.



Standing Committee Members for next year. A notice will be mailed to Assembly members in early April soliciting new members. In preparation, each committee chair needs to determine how many new members will be needed. Laura will edit the text for the notice. Scott will investigate the possibility of using a Harvard mailing service to send the notices out.


Recording of Assembly Meetings and Programs.

1. General Assembly Meetings. These have been recorded for the past several years, but are extremely difficult to transcribe and no one ever consults them. After a lengthy discussion, the Executive Committee reached a consensus: we should continue to make the recordings, but no longer transcribed them. Detailed written notes should be taken, and both the tapes and the notes should be deposited in the Harvard Archives.


2. Assembly-sponsored programs. Recordings and videos of workshops and educational programs would be useful to have, but there are issues related to cost of production and availability of viewing/playback equipment and software on staff computers. The group decided to postpone a decision at this point, with the recommendation that the issue be revisited in 2002.


Spring Assembly Meeting. The group reviewed the announcement describing the program, Harvard Librarians and Professional Identity in the Digital World. Some minor changes were suggested. The notice is scheduled to go out in mid-March. Two follow up reminders will be mailed closer to the meeting date. Ken Carpenter volunteered to take notes on the Assembly program and write them up.