Executive Committee
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Minutes of the Executive Committee

April 19, 2000

Present: Emily Moss, Malcolm Hamilton, Judy Beland, Scott Britton, Jan Voogd (recording)


Committee Reports

Benefits Committee (reported by Emily Moss)

The committee met over breakfast at the faculty club. Jean Younger from TIAA-CREF will be giving a financial planning workshop on 27 April and again on 18 May. Each session was fully booked within 24 hours after announcement. The committee discussed the logistics for upcoming financial planning workshops and planned the agenda for the next meeting.


Communication & Orientation Committee

No report.


Professional Development Committee

No report.


Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Did not meet.



Update on Nominations Committee

Scott Britton reported for Amy Kautzman that there are three candidates for the Member-at-Large vacancies (Mary Beth Clack, Theresa Lyman, and Ethel Hellman) and their statements have been submitted. The statements will be printed on the ballots, which will be going out in the next couple of weeks.


Update on request for committee volunteers

Scott reported that the Request for Committee Volunteers have been sent out.


Update on Spring Assembly

The plan is as previously discussed, with the following variations: it will be a discussion forum set-up, rather than panel with questions and answers. Bill Stoneman will be a speaker, in lieu of Dan Hazen.