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Minutes of the Executive Committee

June 21, 2000

Present: Amy Kautzman (vice-chair and recording), Ellen Isenstein, Jan Voogd, Betsy Eggleston

Absent: Judi Beland, Lynn Shirey, Ken Carpenter, Emily Moss, Laura Farewell Blake

Chair of the Executive Committee of the Librarians’ Assembly

A discussion was held. Amy Kautzman will be Chair of the Executive Committee.

Jan Voogd will be Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee.

Election for Members at Large

Amy Kautzman, head of the election committee and assisted by Janet Katz and Janet Taylor, announced that Ethel Hellman of HCL Preservation and Theresa Lyman of the Harvard Business School are the newly elected members at large for the Librarians’ Assembly.

We would like to thank everybody for voting so promptly and a large thank you to this year’s roster of candidates.

Committee reports

Benefits Committee: The new Chair will be Paula Ebbitt. Thank you Emily Moss for acting as Chair.

Communication and Orientation Committee: The new Co-Chairs will be Joe Bourneuf and Karen Carlson-Young. Thanks to Laura Farewell Blake and Phyllis Askey for acting as co-Chairs.

Professional Development Committee: The new Chair will be Karen Nipps. Thank you Betsy Eggleston for acting as Chair.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee: The new Chair will be Lynda Kresge. Thank you Lynn Shirey for acting as Chair.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held in September, the date and place to be announced. Amy Kautzman will convene.