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Minutes of the Executive Committee

November 15, 2000

Present: Amy Kautzman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-Chair), Judi Beland, Joe Bourneuf, Karen Carlson Young, Ken Carpenter, Paula Ebbitt (recording), Ethel Hellman, Lynda Kresge, Enith Vardaman

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Theresa Lyman, Karen Nipps

Committee Reports


Enith and Paula reported that the two reorientation sessions for longer service staff, presented by Paul Zizzo, Manager for Benefits Outreach Services, went very well. The programs ended a half hour or so early, but Paul stayed afterwards to answer more personal questions from attendees.

As for future programs, Paul Zizzo has agreed to do a session for library staff on the new staff pension plan on May 10th from 12 noon-1:00 p.m. Weíll discuss other ideas at our January 2001 meeting.

Communications & Orientation

Karen Carlson Young talked about whatís already happened this fall: a tour showing off recent renovations at the Loeb Design Library, expertly handled by the library staff, and continuing lunches for new librarians.

Joe brought up future plans for the spring: the annual New Librarians Reception and another library tour with the library yet to be determined.

Professional Development

Karen Nipps was absent from the meeting, but sent a reminder via Amy that the Professional Development Committee is a sponsor of the upcoming, one-day conference for library, archives, and museum staff at Harvard, Water, Water Everywhere.

Rights and Responsibilities

Lyndaís committee has yet to meet, but Lynda and the committee are ready to address any issues of interest and concern to library staff.

Other Business

Amy asked the committee if we want to keep meeting monthly. We agreed to skip the December meeting, meet in January 2001, and decide on a month-by-month basis whether or not to meet, based on agenda items.

Amy reported getting amazing feedback on last weekís Assembly Meeting. The Provost asked Ken for a copy of his talk (way to go, Ken!). Kenís working on a web version of his speech, and it was suggested that the audiotape of his talk be converted to CD. Once the speech is up on the web, some Assembly work could come out of Kenís thoughts on the library profession.

Looking ahead to the Spring Meeting, Amy asked for our ideas on how to make the meetings more interactive. Librarians can be intimidated by speaking in front of a large group of senior administrators, supervisors, and peers. Ken suggested breaking into small discussion groups, then having one person present for the group. Judi said that some meetings at Countway Library use this technique, and it seems to work well. Naturally, having a stimulating speaker like Ken elicits more response from the members, so we should think of some good candidates for the Spring Meeting.

Enith asked what the provision was for replacing people on committees. Amy said she still had the list of volunteers from last year and would forward the names to committee chairs who needed them.

Next meeting: Wednesday, January 17th, 3:00-4:00 p.m., Lamont Forum Room