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Minutes of the Executive Committee

January 17, 2001

Present: Amy Kautzman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-Chair), Judi Beland, Joe Bourneuf, Mary Beth Clack, Paula Ebbitt, Malcolm Hamilton, Ethel Hellman (recording), Lynda Kresge, Theresa Lyman, Karen Nipps, and Enith Vardaman.


Mary Beth Clack was introduced as the new member-at-large, replacing Ken Carpenter, who has retired.

Committee Reports

Professional Development

  1. Jenny Hart of the Warren Museum, an historical medical museum at Countway, will be the first in a series of programs highlighting unusual collections at Harvard. This program is scheduled for late March at Countway.
  2. In late April/early May the committee will present a program featuring librarians who acquired their skills in a traditional library setting, and then moved into less traditional fields.


Communications & Orientation

Web Page Discussion

Amy has had no response from fellow Executive Committee members to her query regarding possible suggestions to be forwarded to the Rights and Responsibilities Committee in response to Ken Carpenterís talk at the last Librariansí Assembly. She will forward to the rest of the committee her thoughts on the topic and would be happy to entertain any discussion that might follow.

Digitizing/Archival Discussion

In attempting to find an appropriate repository for Kenís talk, Amy discovered that the University Archives could find no materials referring to the Librariansí Assembly. The Executive Committee agreed that an effort should be made to archive the activities of this group. Amy will initiate a public request for any records (e.g., member lists, records of programs, policies, minutes, etc.) pertaining to the Librariansí Assembly, which could then be placed in the University Archives. Malcom Hamilton suggested that Library Notes might be a helpful resource for this information.

Amy took the audio tapes from the Fall Assembly meeting and had them digitized and put on a CD. The meeting is available on CD and may be borrowed from Amy.


Spring Assembly Ideas

Next meeting: March 21, 2001 in the Lamont Forum Room.