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Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 21, 2001

Present: Jan Voogd (Vice-Chair), Mary Beth Clack, Paula Ebbitt, Lynda Kresge, Theresa Lyman, Enith Vardaman (recording).

Absent: Amy Kautzman (Chair), Judi Beland, Malcolm Hamilton, Ethel Hellman, Joe Bourneuf, Karen Carlson-Young, Karen Nipps.

Committee Reports


Paula and Enith reported on two upcoming Benefits Committee programs:

Other Business

Jan reported that the Spring Assembly meeting will be on May 23, 2:30-4:00 in Sanders Theater. Jan and Amy met with Barbara Graham about speakers, who would be drawn from faculty library committees. Barbara Graham was going to pursue the matter further at a ULC meeting. It was not yet clear whether the speakers would be librarians and/or faculty members.The Executive Committee will discuss by e-mail the list of potential speakers.

Lynda said that the Spring Assembly agenda could be put on the Web when it is ready.

Nominating Committee

Jan reported that Karen Nipps will be chair of the Nominating Committee. She will need two people to serve on the committee. They are to be present when the votes are counted. Lynda suggested that Karen could update us by e-mail.

Members at Large

Jan reported that the terms of Amy and Mary Beth (who is filling out Ken Carpenter's term) are ending. A Chair and Vice Chair will be needed next year. These positions are filled from among the elected members of the Executive Committee.

Theresa Lyman reported that she has accepted a job at Boston College. Committee members congratulated Theresa on her new position.

End of year final report from committees

Committee chairs will need to submit a report. Due date is not yet known.

Next meeting: April 18, 2001, 3:00-4:30 p.m., in the Lamont Forum Room