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Minutes of the Executive Committee

April 18, 2001

Present: J. Bourneuf, P. Ebbitt, M. Hamilton, ex officio (reporting), E. Hellman, A. Kautzman (chair), L. Kresge, K. Nipps, E. Vardaman, J. Voogd (vice chair).

Absent: J. Beland, M. Clack, T. Lyman (resigned), K. Young.

Committee Reports

Communication and Orientation

J. Bourneuf reported on the recent New Librarians Reception at the Faculty Club. There was a smaller attendance this year than in the past; about half of the new librarians did not attend. There was some discussion about the possible causes of this, and it was assumed that a principal cause was that supervisors or other members of the staff did not make an effort to accompany new librarians. Attempts will be made to rectify this problem in the future.

He reported also that only 24 of the 34 new librarians had responded in the fall to invitations to the lunches that the committee holds each month.

The committee will host a tour of the Harvard-Yenching Library on May 22, 3:30-5:00.

Professional Development

K. Nipps reported that the visit to the Warren Museum at the Countway Library, hosted by curator Ginny Hunt, was extremely interesting and well attended.

The committee will host a forum on May 1st where a group of former librarians who have moved on to non-librarian positions will talk about how they are using their library backgrounds and experience in new locations and professions.

The Bryant Fellowship Jury has selected its FY 2001 winner. Judy Greene, a project imager for LDI is the Bryant Fellow this year public announcement will be made shortly. The Jury, chaired by Kevin Lau of the Countway Library, will attend the recipient's formal presentation at the May Librarians' Luncheon at the Faculty Club.


P. Ebbitt reported on the recent highly successful program, Retirement in View, by Mark Bertonazzi of Fidelity Management Corp. He was a lively and engaging speaker. Following the formal presentation Mr. Bertonazzi was kept busy for most of the rest of the afternoon with one-on-one discussions with librarians about their specific personal financial issues.

On May 10th, Paul Zizzo, Outreach Officer in the Office of Human Resource's Benefits Department, will offer a program on the new retirement program for professional and administrative staff. Paul will focus on the specific aspects of the program and how they differ from the current retirement program. He will also spend some time demonstrating the new "Financial Campus" software that lets staff enter their own data and, using a number of "what if" scenarios to determine what their retirement benefit might be in the new program.

Rights and Responsibilities

This committee is dormant this year, and its chair, Lynda Kresge, had no report.

Nominating Committee

K. Nipps reported that the call for volunteers for open positions on the Executive Committee has resulted in no responses. There was discussion about how to obtain volunteers and about the wisdom of making this a competitive election.

Filling the position of chair of the Executive Committee for the upcoming year was discussed. E. Hellman may be interested and will decide before the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

Rotating off the Executive Committee this year are A. Kautzman and M. Clack. T. Lyman's departure from Harvard also leaves a vacancy to fill.

Other Business

A. Kautzman reported that the upcoming Assembly on May 23 will be held in Sanders Theater, 2:30-4:00. The program will consist of a review of the uses of faculty library committees. Tom Michalak, Baker Library, which has no library committee, will start the program. Judy Messerle, Countway Library, will describe their committee's involvement. Nancy Cline, HCL, will talk about the role of the FAS Library Committee, and Jay M. Harris, Harry Austyn Wolfson Professor of Jewish Studies and Vice Chair of the committee, will then speak. (Sidney Verba is chair of this committee).

A book containing book plates from the Harvard libraries, with a dedication written by Sidney Verba, is being prepared by Pam Spitzmueller in the University Library's Weisman Center for Preservation.

A. Kautzman reported that the Committee is still looking for missing documentation of the activities of the Committee in the past.

Next meeting: June 20, 2001, 3:00-4:30 p.m.