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Minutes of the Executive Committee

May 17, 2001

Present: J. Bourneuf, P. Ebbitt, M. Hamilton, ex officio, E. Hellman, A. Kautzman (chair), L. Kresge, K. Nipps, E. Vardaman, J. Voogd (vice chair).

Absent: J. Beland, T. Lyman (resigned), K. Carlson Young.

Committee Reports

Communication and Orientation

J. Bourneuf reported that the Committee recently announced the upcoming tour of the Harvard-Yenching Library, scheduled for May 22.

The Executive Committee discussed the possibility of opening these tours to all members of the library community.
A. Kautzman will report back to the HCL Joint Council on this matter.

Nominating Committee

E. Hellman will serve as incoming chair of the Executive Committee; Jan Voogd will serve as vice-chair. Openings on the Librarians' Assembly Committees include 3 slots on Communications and Orientation, 2 slots on Profesional Development, 2 slots on Benefits.

The Executive Committee will design a committee volunteer form and attach it to the election ballot.

Other Business

A. Kautzman reviewed the program for the upcoming Librarians' Assembly (May 23, Sanders Theater, 2:30-4:00). We will be honoring Neil Rudenstine, and expect this event to be covered in the Gazette and in Library Notes.

Next meeting: June 20, 2001, 3:00-4:30 p.m.