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Minutes of the Executive Committee

13 September 2001

Present: Ethel Hellman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-chair, recording), Lynda Kresge, Judi Beland, Kathleen Hunter Rutter.

Absent: Mary Beth Clack, Rachel Howarth, Karen Bailey, Peter Cohn, Ellen Shea, Jackie Dean, Michael Hopper, Ann Whiteside.

Committee Reports

The chairs of the individual committees were reminded that they need to send A. Kautzman a brief annual report. They should also send her the names of the new chairs, which she will then announce at the same time as the ballot results are announced.

Benefits (Kathy Rutter reporting)

The committee has not yet met, but Kathy Rutter and the new co-chair Michael Hopper met with last year’s co-chairs Paula Ebbitt and Enith Vardaman. This year’s programming may include a workshop with Vanguard and/or topics other than retirement. The committee’s new member is Zuzana Nagy.

Communications and Orientation (no report)

The new co-chairs are Jackie Dean and Ellen Shea. New members are Charles Fineman, Lesly Corrielus, and Ann E. Robinson.

Professional Development (no report)

The new chair is Peter Cohn.

Rights and Responsibilities (Lynda Kresge reporting)

This committee continues in its reserve capacity, with the same membership and chair as last year.

Old Business

Ethel Hellman reported that the project to gather all of the Librarians’ Assembly archives together at the HU Archives was well underway. She expects to continue working on this, along with Karen Carlson Young.

Lynda Kresge reports that the images of the gift book presented to Neil Rudenstein, along with the thank-you letter from him, are about to be put on the web page.

New Business

Meeting places and times for the LAEC this year were discussed. The meeting time has been set for the second Thursday of each month, from 15.00-16.30 (3pm - 4:30pm), and the meeting place will be the conference room at 625 Mass. Ave.

Sid Verba and Barbara Graham would like to meet with the committee chairs; the time and place are yet to be determined.

Ethel Hellman met with Sid Verba and Barbara Graham recently. They discussed the purpose and the unique nature of the Librarians’ Assembly as an organization that spans the entire University. They also discussed a range of possible programming for the coming year. Possible topics include the LDI, library renovations, distance learning, and scholarship across the University. Sid Verba has written a letter to President Summers, inviting him to attend the Fall Librarians’ Assembly. Possible dates are Nov. 7, 14, or 29.

The suggestion was made and seconded that the Vice-chair of the LAEC take responsibility for writing the Executive Committee meeting minutes for this year.

Next meeting: October 11, 2001, 3:00-4:30 p.m.