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Minutes of the Executive Committee

11 October 2001

Present: Ethel Hellman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-chair, recording), Lynda Kresge, Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Rachel Howarth, Karen Bailey, Peter Cohn, Ellen Shea.

Absent: Judi Beland, Jackie Dean, Michael Hopper.

Committee Reports

Benefits (Kathy Rutter reporting)

The committee has decided to do a program on educational opportunities, to include representatives discussing the Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP), the Education Assistance Fund, and the Extended Professional Development Program.

Communications and Orientation (Ellen Shea reporting)

The committee is operating its program of lunches for the 42 new librarians this year. The Fall library tour will be the Schlesinger Library, with a representative present from the Radcliffe Institute for additional information.

Professional Development (Peter Cohn reporting)

The committee will be sponsoring a Fall program regarding service to remote users and distance learning, along with possibly sponsoring a Fall tour of the Wolbach Library of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Rights and Responsibilities (Lynda Kresge reporting)

This committee continues in its reserve capacity, with an occasional flurry of emails.

Old Business

1. Ethel Hellman announced that one of the at-large members who was elected to serve this year has left Harvard, leaving an empty post. After discussion, it was decided that the Chair of the LAEC should exercise her authority to appoint a Librariansí Assembly member to the post, and will invite someone from among those who volunteered for committee memberships but who are not now serving on a committee.

2. President Summers has accepted our invitation to attend the Fall Librariansí Assembly, and will speak for at least 5 minutes. The Fall Librariansí Assembly is scheduled for 14 Nov 2001, from 2:00 - 3:30 pm, place to be determined. The agenda is being worked out at this time.

New Business

September 11: Response and Responsibility. Rachel Howarth introduced the possibility of a need for an open forum for Harvard librarians on the appropriate and responsible responses of Harvard University libraries during times of national disaster. The design of the program would be presenting positive models of what was done on September 11 that fulfilled the libraries' responsibility to staffs, patrons, society. A counselor from the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program would be a good resource to have on hand. EH, Executive Committee chair, will formalize the request in an email to the Rights & Responsibilities committee.

Next meeting: November 8, 2001, 3:00-4:30 p.m.