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Minutes of the Executive Committee

8 November 2001

Present: Ethel Hellman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-chair, recording), Lynda Kresge, Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Rachel Howarth, Karen Bailey, Peter Cohn, Jackie Dean, Judi Beland. Jane Hedberg.

Absent: Ellen Shea, Michael Hopper.

Committee Reports

Benefits (Kathy Rutter reporting)

The committee has finalized a program on educational opportunities for Tues., 4 Dec 2001, from 9:30-11, with Judith Messerle (the Extended Professional Development Award), Joanne Doherty (the Tuition Assistance Plan [TAP] and the Education Assistance Fund), Carol Elsen (the Harvard Extension School Certificate Program), and Elizabeth Vernon (the PhD program at Simmons).

Communications and Orientation (Jackie Dean reporting)

The committee has completed its program of lunches for 40 of the 42 new librarians this year. The Fall library tour will be 13 Dec 2001 at 3 pm at the Schlesinger Library, with a representative present from the Radcliffe Institute for additional information.

Professional Development (Peter Cohn reporting)

The committee has been working to solidify its sponsoring of a Spring semester program regarding service to remote users and distance learning.

Rights and Responsibilities (Lynda Kresge reporting)

On 29 Oct 2001 this committee sponsored a Librarians' Assembly Special Program: "September 11: Responses and Responsibilities," which was a brown bag lunch and discussion about the positive ways in which Harvard librarians responded to the events of September 11 and days following. The discussion was centered on the following questions: What responsibility do librarians have to provide a space for community gathering during times of crisis? What responsibility do librarians have to maintain normal operations during times of crisis? What positive actions did Harvard librarians take in response to the events of September 11 and days following? It was a gathering of bright and engaged colleagues from across the University, with an estimated attendance of about 30 people.

Old Business

1. Ethel Hellman introduced Jane Hedberg, newly appointed member-at-large, to fill the place vacated by departing member-at-large elect Ann Whiteside.

2. President Summers has accepted our invitation to attend the Fall Librarians’ Assembly, and will speak for at least 5 minutes. The Fall Librarians’ Assembly is scheduled for 14 Nov 2001, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm, in the Ropes & Gray Room of Pound Hall at Harvard Law School. The topic for presentation is Libraries and Librarians Across Harvard, with presentations by Dan Hazen, Librarian for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal; Ivy Anderson, Digital Acquisitions Coordinator; Jane Ouderkirk, Head of HCL Technical Services; Bonnie Burns, GIS Specialist, Harvard Map Collection; and Nancy Schrock, Chief Collections Conservator for HCL.

New Business

1. Tentative topics for the Spring Librarians’ Assembly include a showcase of technological/access/LDI innovations, such as the Digital Repository, VIA, Oasis, and so on.

2. There will be no December meeting.

Next meeting: January 10, 2002, 3:00-4:30 p.m., in the conference room at 625 Mass. Ave.