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Minutes of the Executive Committee

14 February 2002

Present: Ethel Hellman (Chair), Jan Voogd (Vice-chair, recording), Lynda Kresge, Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Karen Bailey, Ellen Shea, Jane Hedberg.

Absent: Rachel Howarth, Michael Hopper, Hilde DeWeerdt

Committee Reports

Benefits (Kathy Rutter reporting)

The committee is looking toward next year’s programming, with a focus in two areas. One is that of shedding light on benefits that are little known. The other is looking at the issue of benefits parity, with faculty at Harvard, as well as with library colleagues at other institutions.

Communications and Orientation (Ellen Shea reporting)

The Spring tour will be a special open house and tour of the newly renovated Divinity School Library on 26 March 2002, from 3pm to 5pm.

Professional Development (Hilde DeWeerdt reporting)

The Brown Bag Discussion of the Bryant Fellowship Program was held on 23 January. The committee has scheduled a forum discussion on remote library services. What programs have academic libraries developed to serve off-campus users? How have remote services impacted collection development, reference services, circulation, research and teaching? How are remote services impacted by copyright? Speakers include Ivy Anderson, Coordinator for Digital Acquisitions, Harvard University Library--on distance learning and copyright; Pat Flanagan, Associate Head and Reference Coordinator, Dewey Library, MIT--on virtual reference services; Carla Lillvik, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery, Gutman Library-on remote public services; Robin McElheny, Associate University Archivist for Programs, Harvard University Archives--on the Harvard-Radcliffe Online Historical Reference Shelf; Melissa Shaffer, Director, HBS Working Knowledge/HBSi, Baker Library--on distance learning programs at the Business School. Tuesday, March 19, 10.00-11.30am, Lamont Forum Room.

Rights and Responsibilities (Lynda Kresge reporting)

This committee has returned to its reserve status, awaiting identification of particular issues of concern.

Old Business

1. Plans for Spring Assembly: Dale Flecker attended this LAEC meeting to assist the Committee in identifying projects and innovations that are emblematic of the future direction of the digital world. He identified the major issues as digital preservation/ archiving; intellectual integration (or the increasing interdisciplinarity of intellectual pursuits in the digital world); changing modes of scholarly communication; course management systems; and the role of the library in instruction vis a vis digital information. A key element that surfaced in the discussion is the imminent eminence of the I-Commons/ICG (Integrated Course Management) reality, and Dale Flecker suggested Paul Bergen and Hugh Wilburn as possible speakers. Ellen Shea will follow up on this topic as a possibility through Heather Cole/Cheryl LaGuardia.

New Business

1. Judi Beland has left Harvard, so the LAEC Chair will appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of her vacated member-at-large position.

Next meeting: March 14, 2002, 3:00-4:30 p.m., in the conference room at 625 Mass. Ave.