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Minutes of the Executive Committee

11 July 2002

Present: Jan Voogd (Vice-chair, recording), Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Rachel Howarth, Karen Bailey, Jackie Dean, Jane Hedberg, Karen Nipps. Absent: Ethel Hellman (Chair), Susan Lieberthal, Lynda Kresge, Michael Hopper

Committee Reports

Benefits (Kathy Hunter Rutter reporting)

No report.

Communications and Orientation (Jackie Dean reporting)

No report.

Professional Development (Karen Nipps reporting)

No reportg.

Rights and Responsibilities (Lynda Kresge reporting)

On reserve status, awaiting identification of particular issues of concern.

Old Business

1. Rachel Howarth, as the chair of the Nominations Committee, with Committee volunteers Pam Spitzmueller and Andrea Schulman, have counted the ballots for the at-large positions ending in August 2002. The results are Susan Lieberthal and Gloria Korsman will serve as members-at-large, for terms of three years, to end August 2005. The chair of the LAEC for the next year (Sep 2002- Aug 2003) will be Karen Bailey, and vice-chair will be Rachel Howarth.

2. Committee volunteers were reviewed and selected by the LAEC. Committee memberships will be announced on each of the committee’s own websites.

3. The Spring Assembly was Thursday, May 30, from 10:30-12:00 in the Lamont Forum Room, and met with great success. The topic was “New Dimensions of Public Service: Three People Not Talking about ALEPH." Sid Verba set a context for the speakers, who were Bonnie Burns demonstrating the new Harvard Geospatial Library and Leslie Morris talking about OASIS. There were informational handouts about the Librarians’ Assembly and its committees produced by Karen Bailey, and the program was taped.

New Business

The idea of invigorating the vision and purpose of the Librarians’ Assembly was discussed, with a view toward improved communication among the Assembly membership and its leadership, and increased relevance of the Assembly to its membership.

Next meeting: September 5, 2002, 3:00-4:30 p.m., location TBA.