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Minutes of the Executive Committee

16 September 2002

Present: Karen Bailey (Chair), Rachel Howarth (Vice-Chair) Jane Hedberg, Ethel Hellman, Gloria Korsman, Susan Lieberthal, Kathy Rutter, Michael Hopper, Manda Mahoney, Alix Reiskind

Absent: Jackie Dean, Ellen Shea

Karen opened the meeting at 3:00 by welcoming new members and having everyone introduce themselves.


Communications and Orientation - No report.

Benefits - Kathy reported that their first meeting scheduled for next week.

Professional Development - Manda and Alix reported that they have contacted their 5 new members and set the initial meeting for September 26. Preliminary ideas for programs include an orientation to the Arnold Arboretum, an introduction to music library electronic products, and a panel on satellite libraries. The new co-chairs welcome tips and advice as they learn their new roles.



The Rights and Responsibilities Committee has, for some time now, been available to respond to the concerns of Assembly members, but has not generated panels or forums itself. Last year it hosted a useful forum on 9/11, but this was at the request of the Executive Committee. The chair of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee has chosen not to renew her term, and the rest of the committee members have also reached the end of their terms. Given this situation, a discussion took place about whether this committee should be disbanded, and if not, how it might be reinvigorated. Karen said that Jan Voogd had expressed interest in working on revitalizing this committee. Gloria pointed out some key issues that a pro-active Rights and Responsibilities group might address: How does the values statement just issued by President Summers fit into our work as librarians? And how do the current concerns over civil rights and privacy rights being discussed at ALA fit with Havard's concerns? Karen suggested that reviewing this committee could be a good step toward a larger goal of bringing new ideas and energy into the Assembly more generally.

Rachel moved that the Executive Committee appoint an ad hoc committee to review the charge of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee. She further moved that Jan Voogd be appointed chair and that she select 2 additional members to be reviewed for appointment by the Executive Committee. Ethel seconded. The motion was put to a vote and passed unanimously.

Karen agreed to get in touch with Jan. It was further decided that the ad hoc committee should report to the Executive Committee by January 2003 so there would be plenty of time to plan a full Assembly vote should major changes be recommended.


Now that Lynda Kresge will no longer be maintaining the Librarian's Assembly website, Karen suggested that we ask HUL if they might maintain our site. The site could certainly use an update in both content and design. There was also discussion of possibly calling for a volunteer Librarian's Assembly webmaster. Gloria agreed to handle maintenance of the site until Karen could talk with HUL.


October 9 3:00-4:30, Countway November 13 3:00-4:30, Divinity December 11 3:00-4:30, Houghton


  1. Challenges in Collection Development from Bosnia to the Middle East.
    Panel of two or three:
    Jeff Horrell delivering talk on the Middle East he gave to visiting committee; Andras Riedlmayer on collecting Bosnian materials and his experience at the War Crimes Tribunal; Russ Pollard from Divinity on expanding his Islamic collection (maybe Charles Berlin on Israeli material? Ray Lum on South Asian Material?)
  2. The PATRIOT Act
    Panel of two:
    Emily Shecketoff, Executive Director of the ALA Washington office (she spoke about the PATRIOT act at the ACRL/NEC spring meeting); A representative from Harvard's OGC who can talk about the specific issues facing Harvard librarians given this new legislation
  3. Other possibilities discussed included:
    1. Renewing our Resources: training librarians, internship programs, talking with the new Dean at Simmons...
    2. Future Spaces: What libraries are renovating, moving across the river, rethinking their spaces...
    3. The library's role at the intersection of web technology and teaching: Icommons, instruction programs & computing groups... It was decided that some of these would better suit the smaller committee forum format but we would continue the conversation at the next meeting.

Adjourned at 4:30.