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Minutes of the Executive Committee

October 9, 2002

Present: Karen Bailey (Chair), Rachel Howarth (Vice-Chair), Jane Hedberg, Gloria Korsman, Susan Liebertahl, Manda Mahoney, Alix Reiskind, Jan Voogd.

Absent: Jackie Dean, Ellen Shea, Ethel Hellman, Kathy Rutter, Michael Hopper

Karen began the meeting at 3:00 with the announcement that she will be going on maternity leave at the end of January and that responsibility for leading the group may fall to Rachel as Vice Chair, after that time.


Benefits - Karen reported for Kathy and Michael that benefits is organizing a forum on early retirement for the first week of December.

Communications and Orientation - no report.

Professional Development - Alix reported that the first meeting with all the new members of this group went very well and there was much brainstorming about future possible programs. Two members have already volunteered to co-chair the Bryant fellowship program and an announcement will go to Library Notes by October 24th for publication November 15th. Manda and Alix were approached by Wendy Gogol and asked if they were interested in co-sponsoring a program with LDI. The program would be an introduction to XML featuring two speakers, one from Syracuse University and one from OIS. All the members of LAEC agreed that this would be a good idea so Alix and Manda will take it forward.

Rachel brought forth a suggestion that the group consider ways to foster a mentoring program. Jan suggested that they perhaps host a website where potential mentors and mentees can match up. Manda and Alix agreed to explore this possibilities further with their group. Alix brought up the more general questions of whether or not we can accept money from an outside group for sponsorship of a program, and whether or not we should allow/encourage co-sponsorship of programs. Discussion followed with general agreement that co-sponorship, especially within Harvard, should be encouraged, and that the LA has to be very sure not to allow any appearance of favoritism, especially when it comes to commercial entities.

Rights and Responsibilities Review Committee - Jan reported that she and the two other members of this committee (Renata Kalnins and Patricia Tully) have considered their charge and come up with a plan. First they will search library literature for similar library rights and responsibilities groups and any operating precedents they may find. Second they are planning a survey and a focus group in order to determine what Harvard librarians would like to see this group become. Karen worked with Peter Kosewski to have the website reflect the new Rights and Responsibilities group status.


Fall Progam - Plans are firming up for Harvard to air the ARL telecast on the USA PATRIOT act to http://www.arl.org/patriot/index.html. This telecast takes place December 11 and the group agreed that we should follow-up with a "How this relates to Harvard" assembly meeting within a week of that date. The two events will be advertised together. For the follow-up assembly we will invite the Provost to open the meeting and Sid to give a report on the state of the libraries. The presentation will be given by someone form the OGC and perhaps a librarian (a law librarian?) who is well acquainted with these issues. These presenters will recap the main issues from the ARL telecast, connect these issues to Harvard in a very practical way, and then time will be allowed for questions from the audience. Karen will work on this with Sid and Barbara on finalizing the speakers and try to get rooms set up for both meetings, the Lamont Forum Room, Larson G-08, or the Ropes-Gray room at Pound Hall.


HUL Notes article - Jane talked with Peter Kosewski and he does not want a historical article on the LA but is happy to publish a future-oriented article for us, perhaps even an interview with Karen. Karen and Jane will meet with Peter tomorrow to discuss options. The deadline for the next issue is November 15.

Webpage - HUL has agreed to provide support for the LA website. Karen has worked with Peter Kosewski to get the current membership changes made. When she sees him tomorrow they will make arrangements for the future management of the site. Gloria Korsman offered to be the designated liaison with HUL for the site once the system is in place. Susan offered to draft a short description of the Librarian's Assembly for the "front page" of the site

Assembly Archives - Karen reported that Jackie Dean volunteered to work with the University Archives to check on the status of the LA archives there and to create a regular schedule for deposits.

Next meeting will be November 13th at 3:00 in the Rabinowitz Room at the Divinity School library.

Adjourned at 4:30.