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Minutes of the Executive Committee

November 14, 2002

Present: Karen Bailey (Chair), Rachel Howarth (Vice-Chair), Jane Hedberg, Gloria Korsman, Susan Liebertahl, Manda Mahoney, Alix Reiskind, Jan Voogd, Ethel Hellman, Kathy Rutter, Jackie Dean

Absent: Michael Hopper, Manda Mahoney


Benefits - Karen reported that they have a program scheduled for December 5, on Early Retirement with Paul Zizzo.

Communications and Orientation - Jackie Reported that they will be meeting in December to plan the New Librarian's Lunches for January and February.

Professional Development - Alix reported that they have two programs coming up: 1) Multi-Media initiatives at Loeb Music Library on December 4th; and 2) Introduction to XML, co-sponsored with LDI on December 16th.

Rights and Responsibilities Review Committee - Jan reported that their survey had gone out and 11 responses were received. The committee will have a recommendation by the January deadline about whether or not to dissolve the R&R committee. Assuming that the recommendation is not to dissolve the committee, they may request and additional month or two to consider the best ways to revise the charge. Looking to see revisions by March so that there is time to review before elections.


Karen reported that the date and time have been set: December 13, 10-12. Two confirmed speakers are Kevin Casey from the Office of Community and Government Affairs and Heather Quay from the Office of the General Council. Discussion ensued about whether or not to invite a librarian to join the presenters and if so, which one. The group agreed that a general introduction to what the USA PATRIOT act actually is would be necessary and that yes, it would be useful to bring in a librarian, either as speaker or moderator. Susan agreed to contact Deanna Barmakian of the law school. Karen will be in contact with the other speakers. Arrangements will be made to tape the session.

The title for the Forum will be: Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Harvard Libraries and the USA PATRIOT Act.


  1. Website Maintenance

    Gloria has organized an approach to regular maintenance and asks that committee chairs send their minutes and announcements to her. She will then work with Peter to get them onto the site. Please send any ideas for changes or enhancements to Gloria.

  2. LA Archives

    Jackie is working on getting together a list of what is in the Archives and what is processed. She will investigate restrictions on use of the LA Archives so that the LAEC can evaluate and make changes as needed.

Meeting adjourned at: 4:30. The next meeting will be December 11, 2002 at Houghton.