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Minutes of the Executive Committee

April 11, 2003

Present: Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth, Gloria Korsman, Alix Reiskind, Kathy Rutter, Jan Voogd

Absent: Ethel Hellman, Michael Hopper, Manda Mahoney, Ellen Shea


Benefits - Kathy Rutter reported progress in development of a program about the financial aspects of retirement. Paul Zizzo of the Universityís Human Resources Department will probably present it in June. The members of the Benefits Committee recommended that Librariansí Assembly ask Malcolm Hamilton to reprise the talk he gave at ACRL/NECís spring conference. It reviewed the demographics affecting librarianship during the next ten to twenty years, and was very well received. The Executive Committee agreed with the recommendation and will investigate the possibilities. Zuzana Nagy has been selected as committee chair for next year.

Communications and Orientation - Jackie Dean reported by email that the New Librarians Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 14th at the Faculty Club. Sid Verba will make a welcoming speech. The Communication and Orientation Committee will consider mentoring activities for new employees at its next meeting.

Professional Development - Alix Reiskind reported that the April 9th program, A Library with a View: The Biblioteca Berenson at the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies by Michael Rocke, was a great success. It was well attended and the audience was very engaged. Alix asked a question about funding for miscellaneous expenses, such as taking speakers out to lunch. Rachel Howarth will inquire about using HUL funds for this type of expense. Three Bryant fellows were selected from a very strong pool of candidates. The Professional Development Committee will consider mentoring activities again in conjunction with the Communication and Orientation Committee

Rights and Responsibilities Review Committee - Jan Voogd presented the final report of the committee. Several changes in wording were suggested, then Gloria Korsman moved and Alix Reiskind seconded a motion to accept the amended report. Jan will make the changes and send the report to Gloria to be put up on the Librariansí Assembly website. The Review Committee was disbanded with the thanks of the Executive Committee. Patricia Tully and Renata Kalnins will serve as co-chairs of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee, and attend a spring LAEC meeting to get a sense of their new roles.


Spring Assembly - Plans for the meeting are progressing. Rachel Howarth will re-publicize the event and Jane Hedberg will arrange for audio-visual support.

Nominating Committee - Gloria Korsman requested nominations for LAEC elected positions on March 11th. One candidate responded. Gloria will begin approaching likely candidates, and solicit nominees. The deadline for nominations is May 7th, for ballots to go out May 15th, and for ballots to return June 20th. A request for committee volunteers will go out with a deadline of June 20th, so newly elected members and committee selections can be coordinated.

Website - Gloria Korsman has made all the changes and additions to the LA website received so far. Some areas of the website are out of date, so committee chairs are urged to review their information and submit updates. Gloria is planning a redesign of the website during the summer of 2003.


Spring Assembly Handouts -- Rachel Howarth asked for volunteers to prepare handouts. Committee members decided to provide an agenda and print-outs from the website describing LA.

Program Suggestion-- Rachel Howarth suggested that the Benefits Committee consider developing a program with Lydia Cummings, one of the Universityís new Ombudspeople.

Next Meeting-- The May meeting will be May 16 at the Gropius Room at the GSD.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg
April 16, 2003