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Minutes of the Executive Committee

July 16, 2003

Present: Karen Bailey, Jackie Dean, Jane Hedberg, Ethel Hellman, Rachel Howarth, Gloria Korsman, Alix Reiskind, Kathy Rutter, Pat Tully

Absent: Michael Hopper, Manda Mahoney, Ellen Shea, Tim Strawn

The meeting began with introductions. Attendees briefly discussed the relationship between Librarians’ Assembly and HUL. It is very important for the LAEC to understand the perspective of HUL administration and members of the University Library Council. Although the LAEC is not a labor organization, for many of its members, it is the only semi-independent source of information about employment-related concerns. The LAEC should understand the issues about which it may be asked, and know the resources to which its membership may be referred, particularly during the next year or two. Rachel reported that regular attendance at ULC meetings is not possible, but that she would explore the possibility of occasional attendance.

Possible Topics for the Fall 2003 Assembly
Discussion swirled around many interesting and useful topics. Among them were: the history of libraries and of Harvard libraries, dealing with anxiety during difficult times, librarians and the teaching process, libraries and their relationship to students, ICommons and IT developments in teaching, peripatetic reference, authors describing the research done in our libraries that led to book publication, faculty research issues, and the public services role in research.


Benefits -- Kathy Rutter reported that Paul Zizzo is scheduled to present a program about TDA’s on July 30 from 11:30-1:30 in Harvard Hall 104.

Communication and Orientation -- Jackie Dean had nothing new, because the Committee has adjourned for the summer. She personally likes the idea of inviting new librarians to attend Librarians’ Lunch, and will pass this suggestion on to the new chairs, Charlie Fineman and Sarah Phillips.

Professional Development -- Alix Reiskind also had nothing new to report.

Rights and Responsibilities Review -- Pat Tully reported the Committee will hold its first meeting in late July. They will begin discussion about the proposed mentoring program and how to forward any questions that may arise about layoffs.


Rachel Howarth and Karen Bailey will serve as co-chairs for 2003-2004. Gloria Korsman will serve as vice-chair. There will be no meeting in August..

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg
July 31, 2003